5 mistakes that online boutique stores make

Posted by JulyRed on March 13th, 2014

In the US $6 out of every $10 spent on online shopping is spent by women. All this while the perception was that men tend to shop more online. But the fact that women do more of the shopping means huge business for the online retailers. Thus, the online clothing websites have no lack of business and customers. However, there are websites that do better and there are online boutique stores that simply shut shop after a while. Why does this happen? What are those critical mistakes that these websites makes?

The biggest mistake is taking the customer for granted. Many online clothing websites forget their customers after they are through shopping. Bad after sales service is enough to drive any customer away. And if someone is driving away a woman customer through bad customer service they can rest assured that the word will spread in no time. The best online boutique stores don’t just rely on the phone. They have chat facilities and they are extremely prompt at answering email queries. And most importantly, they always give their customers something new to look forward to.

There are many online clothing websites that are afraid of publishing customer testimonials and user reviews on the website. Every online store is bound to have some negative reviews but a customer would be willing to overlook them when they see those positive reviews. Reviews give insights to customers and they help websites connect with customers. And the more reviews there are the better it is for an online store from the search engine perspective.

I read somewhere that the best online boutique stores are like sites – they are able to attract customers and make them ogle at their products. Today thanks to technology one can upload high resolution images and make the website stand out. if there is too much text then the customer is bound to get bored and run away to a competitor.

Bad page design makes many online clothing websites worth nothing. If a customer expects a landing page they should be able to get a landing page. Someone looking for a specific pair of shoes wouldn’t want to land up on the homepage of a website and start searching afresh. Apart from this the website design also needs to be simple, something through which any customer can navigate easily.

And last but not the least – those online boutique stores that leave their customers on their own lose them faster than they acquire them. What about the FAQ page? What about the terms and conditions page? What about related product recommendations? All these are important because otherwise the customer would feel that they are in a store where there is no salesperson.

All those online clothing websites that missed out on these parameters are already history. Those online boutique stores that kept these points in mind are the ones that are doing great. At the end of the day it is the customer that matters the most and everything should revolve around them.

There are scores of online clothing websites. But those online boutique stores that don’t have their strategy right usually lose out.

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