How are vintage boutiques attracting their customers?

Posted by AllmaJess on March 13th, 2014

One of the issues with buying vintage clothes online is that one cannot see and feel the items. This is perhaps the reason that the most authentic vintage clothes are sold by brick and mortar vintage boutiques. However, the various online womens clothing stores are now picking up business thanks to some innovative ideas they have for their shoppers.

One of the most effective ways that online womens clothing are using to get people interested in vintage clothes is by giving them information about these clothes. As we know clothes that are styled in the pre 1920s style are called antique clothes and clothes that are styled in the post 1920s to the 90s now fall under the category of vintage clothes. There are many shoppers that are not award of this fact and this is available in some of these stores. Some of the vintage boutiques also offer information on the best styles of each decade. For example, pencil skirts were popular across many decades but they were first designed by Christian Dior in the 1940s. Similarly there are other pieces of relevant information that is being used to attract customers.

Augmented reality is something that is catching on like wildfire. When someone visits an online womens clothing store they are obviously not able to try on the clothes that they like. Some of the vintage boutiques have now come up with apps that show 3D images of how someone will look when they wear a particular item of clothing. If you are the shopper you will be asked to give information on your body shape and size. Your 3D image will now come up on the screen and you can clothe with a particular clothing item and see how it looks. Due to 3D imagery you can also turn the image 360° and get a full picture. This concept is highly innovative and many online stores are using it nowadays.

And of course, many online womens clothing stores now have their multi-channel websites. This means you can access the website on your PC as well as on your smartphone. You don’t need to be sitting in front of your desktop or laptop for shopping. If you suddenly feel this urge to shop for vintage clothes when you are on your way to work you can open the websites of some vintage boutiques and complete your purchase. This concept is again driving many consumers.

And who can forget social media? Data says that American women spend more time on social media websites than American men and this naturally means that many of the vintage stores also have their social media presence. They promote their products and promotions through their social media pages and attract customers.

The best online womens clothing stores are all about innovation. The best vintage boutiques ensure that their customers not only have convenience accessing their products but they also find it easy to complete purchases. This is what is driving these stores and giving customers like you convenience of shopping.

There are some online womens clothing stores that sell vintage clothes. These vintage boutiques are now using innovative ways to attract their customers.

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