The different types of clothes available in a vintage boutique

Posted by AllmaJess on March 13th, 2014

There is a distinct difference between vintage fashion and antique fashion. Antique fashion dates back to pre 1920 and any fashion after 1920 and more than two decades old is considered as vintage fashion. Vintage fashion can be new or used and you can take your pick from the selections in a vintage boutique. There are some dress boutiques online that have sections for vintage clothing and you can find many authentic vintage clothes in these stores.

Many people feel that one has to have a touch and feel of vintage clothing before they buy. To an extent this is true but it is not essential. If you are able to find those dress boutiques online that specialize in vintage style clothes you can get very authentic stuff from them. But yes, it is important to know the different categories of vintage clothing you can buy. These categories are as per the condition of the clothes. Some of these websites tell you the condition of a particular clothing item so that you can decide.

When you visit a vintage boutique you will find vintage clothes in many conditions. The best of the lot are the mint condition clothes. Mint condition means clothing that looks completely new and original with no wear and tear. However, such clothes are rarely found and you will really need to search extensively.

Slightly more common are the near mint vintage clothes that don't look untouched and have a few signs of wear and tear. The advantage of the near mint condition clothes is that they look authentic and last for quite a few years. These clothes can found in many a vintage boutique.

Then there are the excellent quality vintage clothes that show signs of wear and tear formed due to occasional use. Most of the dress boutiques online that specialize in vintage clothes have excellent condition clothes. The next category would be those vintage clothes that are in very good condition. These clothes have some signs of surface damage. This means you may see stains and discolorations on these clothes. But they are also rather ok to use.

The next category of vintage clothes available in a vintage boutique would be in good condition. They can be worn but they cannot be restored to an excellent condition even after extensive repairs are done. The last category is of wearable vintage clothes. These items will definitely have many signs of wear and tear and some of them may be too fragile to be used. However, if you want to collect vintage clothes you should look for these in dress boutiques online.

If you want to use vintage styled clothes for parties then you should at least look at excellent quality vintage clothes. Most of the dress boutiques online give you ample information about each and every piece of vintage cloth they sell. But to ensure that you get what you pay for it is important that you only shop from an authentic vintage boutique online.

Before you visit a vintage boutique you should know about the types of vintage clothes. This will prepare you for shopping in the vintage dress boutiques online.

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