Make Your Custom T-Shirts Last Longer Through These Guidelines

Posted by Bellaisa on March 15th, 2014

It is very obvious that your custom t-shirts will be very special to you because you must have spent quite a lot of time and money in rendering it unique. So it makes sense to take care of something that you have created with much care. T-shirts like any other clothing need proper care and washing if you want them to last for a considerable time. But how do you care for them if you have never washed clothes? Many manufacturers like custom t-shirts Canada print their washing instructions on their t-shirt label. It is advisable to follow these instructions in order to care for your t-shirts and maintain them well.

The foremost instruction to be followed while washing your custom t-shirts is to wash them separately with other similar fabrics and colors rather pitching them in with dark colors. This will save you the risk of colors from other clothes catching on to your t-shirt. Also never wash your t-shirts with heavy clothes like jeans as they might drag your t-shirt along during the washing process. When washing in a washing machine, always opt for cold water and mild detergent settings as this will cause minimal damage to your t-shirts colors and design. Custom t-shirts Canada mention all these guideline so that taking care does not become a hassle for you.

Another factor to look for when washing your custom t-shirts is the manner of hanging them to dry. Always hang your t-shirts inside out when drying on a hanger. This will minimize fading caused by sun, wrinkles and drying ropes. Custom t-shirts Canada suggest you to dry the t-shirts in shade and not in direct sunlight. Once they dry up, iron them inside out. You might risk your design ink to melt f you happen to iron them on the print. Also save your t-shirts from getting washed in strong chemicals and solvents just because some advertisements claim a softer texture after using their chemical treatments.

If you want to avoid daily washing for your custom t-shirts the simplest way is to hang them in hanger instead of storing them in cupboard after wearing, so that the perspiration evaporates and you can wear your t-shirt a second time before washing. But if there are any stains on the t-shirt make sure to wash them as soon as possible because longer staying stains have a tendency to settle on clothes if not washed immediately. Custom t-shirts Canada recommend you to wash your t-shirts with mild surfactants instead of strong artificial or natural agents like bleach or lime because these may cause discoloration.

Sooner or later, your custom t-shirts will lose some of their color and texture like other clothes, but the idea is to retain them as new for as longer as possible.  They might shrink, lose their shape and even develop lint and yellow spots due to high iron settings. All of this can be delayed if you follow the wash and care instructions given by custom t-shirts Canada and give your t-shirts a longer shelf life. After all, this t-shirt is a reflection of your personality at that particular point of time and hence should be preserved as a memento that can be viewed with nostalgia many years later. 

Given the time and effort spent over creation of custom t-shirts not to mention the expenditure incurred, it is only natural on part of the user to make it last for a long time. To this affect, custom t-shirts Canada provide detailed instructions to their users as regards maintenance so that they can be retained for as long as possible.

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