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Posted by sarahbulaiman on March 16th, 2014

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Alright gang! Time for something a little different. Think you’re a Final Fantasy Hero? Well now it’s time to prove it! Take the Final Fantasy quiz below and see where you score--ffxiv gold

Remember, it’s just a bit of Halloween fun so behave in the comments! Some may be easy, some may not but hopefully you’ll learn something you didn’t know already and remember, this is only Part 1!

Note: So we’re all on the same page, the quiz is designed using the OFFICIAL numbering system and NOT the North American versioning. For example, while the North American version of Final Fantasy II saw Cecil become a Paladin, OFFICIALLY this happened in Final Fantasy IV, hence Final Fantasy IV would be the correct response if this were a quiz question.

Also Note: Since people will be answering in the comments, you may want to avoid them until you post your answers as they could contain spoilers!

Enjoy, and if you’ve got a great trivia question feel free to post it in the comments as well!

1) Ok, let’s start off easy. Cid is an iconic character who has found his way into game after game as an Airship engineer, a scientist, a headmaster and numerous other professions. But he wasn’t in the first game (being mentioned in a remake of the first doesn’t officially count in my book. My quiz, my rules

:)). Which Final Fantasy saw the first appearance of our crafty friend?

2) Question 2 is kind of a bonus question to number 1. Another Final Fantasy Icon made their first appearance in the same game as Cid. Who or what was it?

3) Final Fantasy VII is credited with a ton of things that changed the franchise forever. I’m more interested in your materia knowledge though. Name the 3 versions of the Bahamut summon available.

4) On the subject of Final Fantasy VII, True or False, there was a version of the game in which Aerith (Aeris) does not die created in response to backlash and petitions from fans regarding the character’s untimely demise.

5) Mr. Happy has bed sheets that resemble the pants worn by this Final Fantasy protagonist. Name the character.

6) Pubs aren’t called “pubs” in the North American version of Final Fantasy VI. Due to censorship, what name do Pubs go by according to the signs outside them in this version?

7) Final Fantasy IX starts off with the acting troupe Tantalus arriving in Alexandria to perform what play as cover for their less than noble ambitions?

8) Airships play an important role in many ways but some have been lucky enough to actually receive a name other than simply “airship”. Name two.

9) You probably know how the Final Fantasy series got its name, but can you give me the first and last name of the franchise’s creator?

10) Part of the band The Black Mages, this composer (a personal favorite) composed the music for a majority of Final Fantasy titles.

11) If you’re like me, the first time you had to memorize the lyrics for Final Fantasy VI’s famous Opera House scene was on the Super Nintendo. According to that version, finish the lyrics:

I’m the darkness,

Final Fantasy 14 Gold

Our love is _____ _____ ______ ______ (4 words).

12) Tidus is a star at what fictional sport? Oh…that’s too easy? Ok, please answer in Al Bhed.

13) Cid does appear in Final Fantasy’s first foray into the online realm. Which Nation of Vana’diel can he be found in?

14) Another popular Squaresoft/Square Enix title, Vagrant Story, actually takes place in the same world as another Final Fantasy title. Name the world and the Final Fantasy title it first appeared in.

15) Side puzzles and mini games have been a part of Final Fantasy since…well since the beginning. What type of puzzle is hidden in the original Final Fantasy?

16) This race first appeared in Final Fantasy III but is actually extinct in Final Fantasy Tactics according to the in game description for Sweegy Woods (The Seidge Weald). Name the race.

17) Hopefully, the Gold Saucer will see its day in Final Fantasy XIV, but until then, what prize is given when you miss ranking in a mini game at Final Fantasy VII’s Gold Saucer?

18) Name the three secret aeons appearing in Final Fantasy X.

19) While the game was being produced, the plans were to call this character “Lenore.” Name the game she appeared in and the name she actually went by when the game launched.

20) Hailing from the Great Forest of Moore in Final Fantasy V, Exdeath (the game’s primary antagonist) is actually a what?

Bonus Question: What’s the Spoony Bard’s actual name? If you want to konw more newest information, skill, guide or picture, come to: Final Fantasy XIV Gold

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