Factors to consider to find a fast house buyer

Posted by Bellaisa on March 17th, 2014

If you want to find a fast house buyer for your property, the key to success depends on many factors. The current market is going to have a major impact on your sale. you will have to check how fast other homes are moving off the inventory. Similarly, you will have to consider competition as well. Here are some important tips that can help you find a buyer fast who says, “we buy any property from you.”

The first thing you must do is find the right agent who can find you a fast house buyer. Don't just hire any agent that you come across. Find the one who is a popular face in the town - who can be seen on the billboards. Ask the agent how long his/her listings remain on the inventory before being sold.

You cannot easily find a buyer who says, “we buy any property.” Price is a big factor, and you have to set it carefully, especially if you want to sell fast. The value of your house will be based on the value of other similar properties in the area that have been sold recently. As a thumb rule for a fast sale, take the market value set by the agent and list 10% below it. When your home is listed on a relatively lower price, it is going to stand out on the market and draw the attention of more potential buyers.

The next strategy to find a fast house buyer is to give some incentives to the buyers. If you notice that your house can be difficult to sell, you can offer to pay the closing costs for the buyer. Buyers are always looking for ways to save a little more, and such an incentive can give you a big edge against the competition. If you cannot bear the closing costs, you can consider paying for the new paint or carpet, or something else.

If you want to put your home on the market, you will have to improve its looks. This includes cleaning, painting and doing some repair work. Once you have brought the house in its best shape, capture a number of photographs that can be posted online. Get help from your agent when capturing the best photos. Agents are professionals and they know what can actually sell a property. The right photos can inspire your potential buyers to visit you and say, “we buy any property from you.”

Marketing is an important tool to help you find a fast house buyer. Certainly, your agent is going to be responsible for this part of the job, but ask him/her where your home’s selling ads are being posted. If your marketing campaign is not aggressive, you cannot expect faster results.

You may not belief in the old adage that the first offer is the best offer in real estate transactions. It is not always true, but if you get a good offer and you have a pressing need for cash, you can go with your first offer. Consider all these factors and make the right decision for each one to find a buyer who eventually claims, “we buy any property from you.”

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