A brief overview of the detective-turned-criminal called Keith Hunter

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on March 19th, 2014

Involvement with high profile investigations pertaining to both national and international crimes formed his forte. The man who caused a complete revolution in the detective world is much talked about among commoners. He is Keith Hunter, or Keith Lyndsay Hunter to be more exact. An ex Scotland Yard detective who had ties with almost all international fraudsters and con men, he is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the private investigation company called RISC Management. However, his company came crashing down after corruption charges were reported and the man who himself dealt with scandalous incidents found himself at the mercy of the law. Now that such complaints have been registered, he and his company RISC Management are under the Home Affairs select committee investigation.

Born on February 1959, Keith was a well ranked detective in Scotland Yard and served them for some time, only to be dismissed for gross misconduct. This happened around 1997. Soon after his dismissal, Keith moved into the private sector and made a place for himself by working for a man called Stephen Curtis, a prominent tax lawyer  and his company, then called ISC Global. A controversy brewed around that time with the sudden demise of Stephen Curtis opening new links of the company. ISC was a part of Menatep, a Russian bank, which had tie-ups with several Russian oligarchs. This was somehow believed to be connected with Curtis’ unfortunate demise in a helicopter crash in 2004.

Following Curtis’ death, Keith came on board and re-branded ISC Global into the company called RISC Management Limited in 2005 with due assistance from Cliff Knuckey. Not just that, part of the company that operated in Gibraltar was also renamed as RISC solutions Limited. Rising to the post of the CEO, Keith Hunter ruled that his company focussed strictly on corporate and business investigations and security consulting, with special emphasis on complex issues from clients belonging to the legal profession or corporate sector. Though he was thorough in his job and professional in mindset, but Keith’s strategic developments in business ventures proved incapable. The company became embroiled in the famous James Ibori Case, that dealt with a notorious Nigerian fraudster. Held for money laundering and conspiracy, Hunter is held in imprisonment for a term of thirteen years.

In the early stages of the investigation, Ibori was defended by his lawyers besides the firm, Speechly Birham. If documents and invoices are to be believed, RISC Management played its part on behalf of the law firm. Trouble ensued as Hunter had approached Ian Tamlin, a member of the firm and paid bribes worth £20000 in return for information about the case. Now the power of the media is so supreme that exposure of the entire matter in the Evening Standard in 2011 led to the arrest of Hunter and several notable figures involved with the case.

Keith Hunter has been held high, but records show he was just a low rank detective. However, it cannot be denied that he was a complete powerhouse in having access to a multitude of controversial data.

More information on Keith Hunter can be found here.

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