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Posted by AllmaJess on March 20th, 2014

Have you heard of the concept of claims pages? These pages are nothing but online directories. But they are different from the standard online directories in the sense that they are far more targeted. These pages are used by insurance companies and everyone related to the insurance companies to find out third party vendors for doing restoration work. There are thousands of such directories available and for the best results for your business you need to advertise in the best. Go through some of the claims pages reviews and you can easily choose your directory.

Let us assume that you are in the business of construction. Now imagine a scenario where a severe thunderstorm has destroyed some of the houses in your locality. The first thing that these homeowners are going to do is to file claims for the damages that they faced. The insurance company, depending upon the location of the damage, will have its claims adjustors do their investigations so that they can decide on the amount to be paid to the claimants. The insurance company would also want third party vendors to restore the houses on its behalf. This is where you come into the picture.

The adjustors would be looking for local construction companies and the place they would search for them is in the claims pages. When they see that you are listed in the directory they may give you a call. Depending upon the conversation you may have a few houses to rebuild. This means business for you.

But can you decide which of the claims pages an adjustor would consider for looking up third party vendors? You cannot. It all depends upon how good or reputed a directory is. An adjustor would definitely search in Google and they would prefer the top search results. If you are listed in these top directories you stand a better chance of getting that call. So what you can decide is the claims directory you want to pay to for getting your ad listed. And this is where you need to go through the claims pages reviews.

As you go through the claims pages reviews you will come to know what others think of specific claims pages. Here you will find reviews by adjustors that would have used a specific directory. You will find reviews by other third party vendors that would have advertised in a specific directory. And you will also find reviews by customers that used a specific directory to find out third party vendors. With so much information available with you it becomes easier for you to find where your money is well spent.

Don’t fall into the marketing gimmicks of some of the scam claims pages. Your money is wasted even if you are listed at the top of these directories. This is because these directories don’t attract enough traffic. If people don’t know about the directory how will they come to know about your business? This is why claims pages reviews are so important.

There are thousands of claims pages where you can put your ad. But ensure you go through the claims pages reviews so that your money is not wasted.

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