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Posted by empirepopcorn on March 21st, 2014

With unbelievable reviews such as, “I’ve always loved popcorn but OMG! You haven’t experienced the true taste of delicious fresh popcorn until you have tried some of Empires! Mmmmmmm!! 10/10!” it’s no surprise Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company of Cheshire are fast becoming the best supplier of Gourmet Popcorn in and around Cheshire as well as UK wide. With rave reviews along with their “cast iron money back guarantee” that offers you a complete refund of your money if you aren’t completely satisfied with their product, there really is no other company like them. Offering an array of completely original flavours along with some of the good old favourites, Empire Popcorn is the popcorn to turn to as the ultimate movie night snack.

Swamped in history, popcorn was the ultimate luxury in the 1930’s during the American Depression for the lower class families, coming in small bags for between five and ten cents, it was considered a huge treat. Taking a slump in popularity along with the cinema, Popcorn came racing back into our lives when it began to be associated with TV, the ultimate TV snack indeed.

Fast forward to the millennium and beyond and not only has Popcorn become a huge favourite in the United States but over here in the UK too. With most thinking of sweet and salty flavours, or the rather boring plain, Empire popcorn manufacturer go above and beyond supplying completely original and new flavours as well as top quality handmade options for your old favourites.

Empire is so passionate about their Gourmet Popcorn that they even go so far as to suggest fun activities with the children that you can do with their popcorn. Not only enjoying it as a great tasting snack, you can now use it with your children to make fun mosaics. With suggestions of simply using food dye on the popcorn to create fun and bright colours, you can then have fun with all the family making textured creations or better yet, enjoy eating a yummy bucket of rainbow popcorn with your favourite movie.

Supplying Cinemas, Theatres and Football stadiums along with an array of other leisure chains, Empire popcorn really is the best when it comes to Popcorn and Confectionary. Using only additive free sea salt along with rapeseed oil when popping their corn, making it lower in saturated fat, you can feel happy knowing your child is not only enjoying their snacks but the food they’re eating is healthy. Check out Empire Popcorn and Confectionary today.

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