Insight on Cork Flooring to Help You in Making the Right Decision

Posted by alisonreid29 on March 21st, 2014

Installing eco-friendly floors have become one of the most important segments of home improvement and decoration process. When we are discussing about eco-friendly flooring processes, we cannot ignore the cork flooring options. Of course there are numerous types of materials that can offer you different benefits. However, cork made floors offer a combined benefit that includes comfort, safety, maintenance, and other features. Researchers have found out that with cork underlayment method, one can implement their preferred flooring materials over the cork and create a comfortable environment without compromising any requirements.

How Cork Made Floors Work?

To understand how these floors offer us benefits, we need to understand the primary feature of cork and learn how it is extracted from the Oak tree. Some of us express their confusion about understanding how a wood based product can be eco-friendly. This particular material is actually a thin layer that is extracted from the bark of Oak tree. Therefore, the tree suffers minimal damage and keeps on living without any complications. Harvesters follow precise protocol while extracting the cork from the bark. So, it is safe to state that cork flooring is a sustainable and renewable material and it has no negative effect on the environment, this is why it is considered to be eco-friendly.

Advantages of Using Cork

Cork made floors can offer numerous benefits. Aside from offering a comfortable and stable surface to walk, it can ensure safety and hygiene of your home or office. It is durable by nature and capable of resisting shock, which makes it one of the most efficient choices for floorings. Generally, durability and comfort features do not work well together. But, cork underlayment process comes with tiny honeycomb shaped cells which preserves air and absorbs impact without being damaged. This feature makes the material durable and with cushioning feature, it can bring you comfort while sitting, standing, or walking.

When we search for a flooring material, we consider the hygiene and maintenance attributes. In such regard, cock can be the best option, as it resists moisture, mold, and mildew. Experts believe that bathroom floors require specialized material that can absorb moisture without creating a damp and slippery surface. This is when cork flooring comes in the scene to shoulder such responsibility with ease. By resisting dander, pollen, pet hair, and dust cork can preserve the hygiene of our home or office.

Aesthetic appeal of cork is gaining interest of the fashion lovers and home decorators. It can be crafted in different designs, to meet your requirements for home decoration.

Maintaining Your Floor

Cork underlayment setups for floor can be easily maintained without investing considerable amount of money. Here is a list of processes that you can practice to keep your cork floor clean.

•             Regularly cleaning the floor with vacuum equipment or broom

•             Wiping up spills immediately

•             Avoid wet mopping the cork material

Here are a few suggestions that can help you to maintain your floor clean and hygienic. With all this information, you would surely be able to make an informed decision.

Here we are offering feasible and trendy cork flooring without services for people with eco-friendly home decoration ideas. Visit our site to find more information on cork underlayment services.

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