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Posted by webteam on March 21st, 2014

What is search algorithm?

Google uses search algorithm in order to sort through the billions of pages and other information that a user requests to see. Basically, when you sit down and type any word on Google, the algorithm presents, sorts out, and delivers the pages relevant to your search. It presents the pages which are considered to be of satisfactory quality for the topic you want to investigate.  The algorithms used in the past are called Panda and Penguin. However, they were rather changes to parts of the old algorithm than an entire replacement of the whole. An algorithm can be compared to a car engine. Imagine a car from the previous century, with an engine that had basic functions but not advanced. The new algorithm that Google is starting to use is a new engine with an advanced technology – quicker, precise and thorough. It is called Hummingbird.

Why ‘Hummingbird’?

The name “Hummingbird” was derived from adjectives “precise and fast”. Hummingbirds are known to be swift. They hover rather than perch when feeding. Therefore, this algorithm is called Hummingbird and its swiftness will amaze you. It was launched by Google on September 27, 2013, designed to serve the demands of today rather than the demands of ten years ago. This new engine was built in order to deliver answers rather than results. It is able to understand longer statements, human spoken words, thus being able to interact with users, providing them with concrete and direct answers to their questions. Do you get the feeling sometimes when you search a topic on Google that Google doesn’t even let you finish the statement you wanted to type in? It is because the Hummingbird update is letting you know that it understands your demands and it works for you very fast.

Hummingbird focuses on true meaning of the words you type in. It applies a language approach, looking for synonyms, and substitutes for a particular word. More attention is devoted to each word in a query. This way, Google can go beyond finding mere pages with matching words. It understands your request and the intent of your query more thoroughly. It takes every word in an entire sentence into account, and not just particular words. As if you had your personal organizer that tells you which pieces of information are relevant for you.

Google is getting better at search with this revolutionary algorithm that focuses on the content and meaning. For instance, you can type in an entire question if you want to inquire about the places where you can obtain the newest model of a car, or a phone. Just type in: “Where can I get the newest iPhone?”, and the algorithm will try to decipher the context of your question, and not just keywords like iPhone, or car. This is so-called ‘conversational search’ that allows you to communicate on a completely higher level when searching for the necessary pieces of information on Google. You can even speak out loud if you click on the little microphone icon in the right hand corner. This way the users of Google Chrome can speak their mind, and let the algorithm take them to the undiscovered worlds of search.

Hummingbird is an improvement that allows Google search engine to give more, to do more. Google maintains that they wanted to answer to all the long queries when they designed Hummingbird. Their initial idea was to be able to respond to your complex demands and questions, like “Where is the best place to buy digital cameras?” People will now be able to communicate through their longer queries, longer statements.

Does Hummingbird threaten to vanquish the old SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains the same, but improved with the new algorithm. The old SEO concentrated more on ranking for a query, unlike the new SEO which concentrates on how to answer the questions users ask, in the best way possible. Therefore, Hummingbird can only boost the old SEO. It is a new virtue SEO has. Hummingbird is meant to process information in a new different way, reducing the importance of keywords. It is all about making quality content, and not impairing or killing web designs.

Twittering about the Future

With this newly designed engine, websites will gain more visibility if they focus on the content rather than on keywords. Ultimately, the Hummingbird update is a progressive headway made by Google and the best decision they have reached so far.

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