Features of Cork Flooring and Benefit of Using Them

Posted by alisonreid29 on March 21st, 2014

In the age of environment protection, everyone is looking forward to do their part in saving the world by using eco-friendly materials to fulfill their requirements. Cork flooring contributes a lot in this regard. It is crafted from renewable resource which helps in improving the hygiene of our environment. Aside from saving considerable amount of money, it offers comfort and safety without compromising any requirements. Its durability has made it famous over the years. By using cork floor you can reduce the usage of disinfectant and insecticides in your residence. These materials are crafted from bark of Oak tree, which helps the users to enjoy the anti-allergenic benefits of the material. Let us discuss about these materials and learn how its usage can offer us numerous benefits.

Eco-Friendly Features

As cork is derived from bark of Oak tree, it is a renewable resource. Oak trees are located in Mediterranean area and bark from these trees had served as the source of many different operations of numerous civilizations for centuries. So, it is easy to understand that the positive attributes of cork is proven by our ancestors. The moment brilliant minds in our society figured out about its eco friendly nature, various organizations and companies had shown their affinity towards using it more than just bottle stopper. Cork flooring is one of the most celebrated usages of these materials. Bark extraction process is an eco-friendly one and it does not damage the tree at all. Even the scraps that are left out from cork floor usage are used to create sheets and bottle stoppers.

Benefits of Usage

As the cork material is a renewable source, therefore, it can protect the environment from critical chemical reaction and other ways of pollutions.

•             By using cork flooring process, people can enjoy the cushioning qualities. Plus, as cork has several organic layers, it can work as a sound barrier. Clients with multi-floor or multi-family are considering cork flooring one of the most efficient solutions for their cushioning and flooring problems.

•             This eco-friendly material has natural cushioning features and capability to resist shock. It can work as a comfortable surface to walk on.

•             Cleaning cork made floor is easy and with frequent sweeping you can keep it hygienic and as good as new. Normal vacuuming can help you to get the job done.

•             Installing these floors is very easy and it can be done by anyone. Therefore, you do not have to bring professional help and pay them for their services. You and your family members can install the floor in a few hours and it would offer you a safe and comfortable platform to walk, stand, and sit without the chance of frequent repair job.

•             Cork floor comes in various colors, designs, and shapes. So, with a bit of research and bargaining process, you can get the product that suits you best. It can be an extension of your decoration theme.

So, as the information shows, cork made flooring can save money and offer us a chance to enjoy eco-friendly features of these materials.

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