Why choose a cork floor over others?

Posted by alisonreid29 on March 21st, 2014

The factor of sustainability seems to be the buzzword now when it comes to making a choice about flooring. Eco-friendly products are slowly replacing the traditional floor choices and this is a good sign no doubt.  The first thought that occurs to the mind in the green flooring options is bamboo. However, cork is also gaining momentum. Choose a cork floor and be spared of the undue hassles brought about by hardwood flooring.  More and more commoners quite naturally seem to vouch on cork floors owing to its cost, maintenance, appearance and installation process.

The growing popularity of cork

The exceptional popularity of cork floors can be attributed to its attractive look and multiple uses. Being a nature-based product, cork is available in both tile form and sheets. You can use cork almost anywhere in the house, be it kitchens, bathrooms or even basements. Available in an array of colors and textures, it can also be customized exactly the way one desires for.

Derived from the bark of cork oak tree, cork grows in a thick layer and the tiny chips of it can be compressed to pieces that help you make your floor tiles.

For all your flooring requirements, resort to this earth-friendly product. But before that, know why should you invest on a cork floor?

-Aesthetics: an unobtrusive tone of cork flooring is a perfcet backdrop to the number of lavish decors you have kept in your room. With an existing color scheme that is a particular favorite of yours, if nothing else only cork does justice to it. Be rest assured that the resistant nature of cork won’t diminish with the passage of time, and investing on it will give you value for money.

-Insulation capacity: Did you know that the cellular structure of cork is capable of trapping air pockets? This characteristic of cork helps it be a natural insulator and offer you optimum comfort. Your room stays warm during cold and cool when hot.

-Noise control: Quite similar to the above-mentioned point; cork surface is equipped with properties of insulation. For people who have kids at home and noise is but a common aspect of their lifestyle patter, switch over to cork flooring.

-Durability: Cork is a durable product. The material can compress by itself. Naturally, recovery from constant erosion or damage caused by furniture is facilitated.

-Ease in installation and repairs: Have you a cork lock system? If you do, then there lies no cause for worry as regards installation is concerned. Cut a cork tile and marvel at how easily it can adjust into any wall or shape that may present itself.

Though it is true that the durability factor is supreme in cork, but even in the event of it being damaged somehow you can easily repair it. There can be minor scratches on the surface, but if it serious, replace your cork floor tile by pulling it up.

With multiple benefits as these and more, find the best cork-flooring units that can guide you in obtaining the most out of this product.

Are you looking for a classic cork floor to cater to your flooring requirements? We are a leading unit addressing our clients’cork floors tiles and underlayerments’ needs.

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