Collaborative divorce ? better than divorce in court

Posted by johnssmith00 on March 21st, 2014

Marriages happen in Australia and divorces also happen in Australia. The divorce lawyers in the country earn as many fat paycheques as the divorce lawyers in the other countries. Divorce is as painful in Australia as it is anywhere else in the world. And children in Australia go through the same pangs of pain and angst as in any other country in the world. However, many couples now look for collaborative divorce where the entire arrangement is settled amicably. More couples are now looking at a divorce without court and there are specific agencies that help them achieve this.

Separation among married couples can happen due to many reasons. The bottom line is that people get separated from each other when they find it difficult to stay with their partner. This can happen and this does happen. But as we know some divorces turn out to be very ugly. Violent battles are fought in the courtroom. Couples fight for each and every item that is considered as joint property. The courts, as usual, take their time to come to a conclusion and this means that the divorce lawyers make a truckload of money out of this.

But this is not necessarily how separation and divorce should happen. Through collaborative divorce the lawyer can be kept out of the picture and the separating couple don’t need to shell out an obscene amount of money to get separated. A collaborative divorce is a set of processes through which the entire separation process is carried out in a systematic manner where each involved party gets the most out of benefits.

The agencies that provide divorce without court work in a collaborative manner. There are a few meetings held between the separated couple and the agency where each and every piece of information is shared. After an inventory of items is made the couple works with the agency team that helps them in financial planning so that no one is inconvenienced. The entire estate is divided in an amicable manner so that no party is dissatisfied. Through a series of negotiations a final outcome is arrived at and this is where the entire procedure ends.

Collaborative divorce not just takes care of the separated couple but their kids too. This form of divorce without court ensures that relationships are maintained and the kids don’t go through the pain of seeing their parents getting separated. Their financial future is also secured and their wellbeing is kept in mind even when their parents get separated from each other.

With collaborative divorce now an option you really don’t need to pay your lawyer a hefty amount per hour of consulting. Divorce without court is a series of processes for which you need to pay a fixed fee. So, even if the meetings and the negotiations run on for a long time you still pay the same amount of money. This ensures that you are not scared of the future after the separation process with your partner is complete.

Divorce without court is a possibility if you are ok to opt for collaborative divorce.

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