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Posted by johnssmith00 on March 21st, 2014

Consider this – some couples spend more than AUD 200,000 as lawyer fees to get divorced. Add to this the cost of paying for the family court and this expense just shoots up drastically. In 2012 there were 49,917 divorces in Australia so just imagine how much money the divorce lawyers would have made. When your finances are limited and you are looking at such high costs to get separated does it make sense at all? If indeed you need to separate why not consider fixed price divorce? This form of separation ensures that there is divorce without court and this means you are able to save all that money that is bound to be invaluable after your separation formalities are over.

The most sensible couples are those that settle their divorces outside the court of law. There are cases when couples simply cannot bear to stay with each other and they need to get separated. But there is no need to get separated at any cost because there are ways to save money. This is where the concept of fixed price divorce is so useful.

When you opt for divorce without court there is further support that you get. Getting separated is not a joyous experience no matter how much bitterness you have against your partner. You would have fallen in love with your partner and no matter how bad things are now you cannot help but reminisce about those happier times. When you work with professionals that offer fixed price divorce they help you manage the separation with as less pain as possible.

Institutions that deal in divorce without court have their counsellors in place. Different counsellors have different roles to play and the end objective is to complete the formalities quickly and without you having to shell out a fortune. One counsellor sits with both the parties to help them prepare psychologically for the looming separation. There is one counsellor that helps the children get adjusted to this major change in their lives. There is one counsellor that plans the finances for both the parties so that none of them feel hard done by. And all this is well within your budget because you opted for a fixed price divorce outside the court. Now do you sense in this arrangement of divorce without court? You should...

This form of collaborative divorce is what it says it is – collaboration among the separating couple and the counsellors. There is total teamwork that is involved here. Everyone works together to ensure that the pains are lessened and the formalities are completed as soon as possible. Each party involved in the divorce proceeding goes through anxiety and insecurity and this form of divorce ensures that all such fears are suitably lessened.

A fixed price divorce is what you need to ensure your future is not bleak. Why get divorced in court and engage in all the mudslinging? Why make the lawyers prosper at your pain? Opt for a divorce without court and you will be the one to benefit.

A divorce without court is the best option because you are able to escape ugly publicity. A fixed price divorce outside court also helps you secure your finances.

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