Just the Fax, Ma?am! Fax Marketing for the Modern World

Posted by faxbbs on March 23rd, 2014

If you want to be sure your advertising is targeted and that it reaches your customers and stays in front of their eyes, then consider fax marketing.  It’s a modern way to promote your products and services at an affordable price, with some campaigns coming in at less than a dollar.   Your advertising does not end up in the “junk” folder in someone’s e-mail inbox, nor does it get deleted before being seen.

We use broadband to ensure that your fax blasting marketing campaign is completed quickly and effectively, on your time table.   If we reach a busy signal, we’ll keep trying until we successfully send your message, and we only charge you when the fax goes through.

Many of our clients report an increase in sales after just one fax broadcasting campaign. You can attach a discount offer or coupon effectively to your flyer, and track it to confirm your rate of return. Think of how effective it can be to use a sophisticated mass marketing system instead of trying to send out messages one by one.

You are in control of how the campaign goes out – you give us your marketing list and you can add, subtract, or change information at any time on that fax list.  It’s easy to add a spreadsheet file of your customer contacts to our server. If you want just a part of the campaign to go out at a particular time, you can schedule it that way and you can change the speed at which the faxes go out at any time, or you can even put things on pause for a time if you need to, just in case you need to slow things down because you have too much new business.

We only charge you for the number of messages successfully delivered in each fax blast, meaning you do not have to worry about any bad numbers or old information – we won’t charge you for it!  This is also helpful if you are just starting out and you have acquired a database, but you are not sure of its accuracy.  Then, our easy to use web-based system will let you remove those numbers that are no longer valid quickly and easily.

We can help you customize your fax advertising so it targets your customers in the most effective manner.  We’ll also give you feedback, including what numbers were valid and which were not, and what the best time to send the messages out turned out to be. These are saved so you can monitor the results at any time using our web-based system.

Sometimes, customers want to opt out of receiving fax advertisements.  We can help you make it easy for them to opt out.  We can also help make sure you comply with all broadcast regulations regarding fax marketing.

Whether you have just a handful of clients or you are a big company with thousands of customers, you can benefit from a fax broadcast ad campaign.  Give us a call or contact us today, and let faxbb.com help you be more successful.

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