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Tenancy is a complicated issue and Florida is no exception. Miami has a strong law for both tenant and landlord that guide their rights and liabilities. The laws are made for the protection of interest of both parties and it is known as Landlord/ tenant law. There are laws through which a landlord can end the tenancy contract, and a tenant can charge the landlord for violating the rules and regulations and interfering with their rights.

How does the tenancy law support a landlord?

The tenancy law supports a landlord when a tenant violates the clauses in the agreement that was made between the two parties during the time of giving possession. The tenant eviction process is another situation where the law guides the landlord. A tenant is never allowed to stop paying the landlord just because he is not happy with the condition of the property, or he is not happy with the facilities he is receiving from the landlord. The landlord can take help of the lawyer and file a case against the tenant under all such conditions, and required paperwork has to be done properly in order to ensure that the case is in favor of the landlord.

How does the tenancy law support a tenant?

During the time of eviction, in many cases the landlord becomes violent and takes wrong action against the tenant. He cannot by law possess or destroy any personal property of the tenant or evict the tenant by force. He cannot prevent the tenant from entering the property by locking the property with a different lock. Legal eviction has to be filed by the landlord, and the tenant can support his own side by hiring a professional lawyer. The lawyer can help the tenant understand his rights and do all the paperwork that is required for filing a case. In case, the landlord breaches a contract and the tenant incur some losses due to the same, the landlord is liable to make the payment.

Though the law of Miami is quite strong as far as a relation between the tenant and the landlord is concerned, the paperwork has much to do in deciding the fate of the case. In such a case, it is always advantageous to contact the experienced lawyers who have dealt with such situations. You can always check out the websites of the law firms in Miami in order to find the best lawyers and ask them for consultation.

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