Precautions required while doing epoxy flooring

Posted by AmandaTom on March 24th, 2014

Can epoxy flooring be done at home using DIY tools and techniques? Yes it is highly possible but you should at least have some inclination towards similar jobs. For someone that knows nothing about epoxy, leave along flooring, it is best to call an expert. An epoxy floor is one of the most durable and protective floors but the flooring has to be done in a proper manner. The whole procedure is easy but there are some precautions that one needs to take. Knowledge of adequate safety is a must before you start working with epoxy.

Epoxy is a chemical substance and you need to handle it carefully. So, before you get started with epoxy flooring you need to ensure that your skin doesn’t come in contact with the chemical. For this you need to be effectively attired. Gloves have to be worn on your hands and protective coveralls are always recommended. Even if you don’t have a coverall ensure that you wear an apron over a full sleeved shirt and full pants. Ensure that you don’t do the job without putting your shoes on.

It is possible that while doing your epoxy floor your skin does get exposed to the chemical. There is no need to panic in such circumstances. Just ensure that you clean up the area properly. Use a lot of water for cleaning. A mild soap is recommended and you should not use scrubbers. Don’t worry, nothing will happen if you don’t keep the exposed area unclean for a long time.

Another very important aspect of protection is protecting your eyes. Don’t go about with epoxy flooring without wearing protective glasses. The liquid from the chemical may splash and a few drops may enter your eyes. If this happens immediately clean your eyes with clean running water. At least 10 minutes of cleaning is recommended. If you can use a saline solution also. if you continue to feel discomfort consult a physician immediately.

The fumes from the epoxy chemical can also cause breathing problems. So, the room in which the epoxy flooring is getting done should be properly ventilated. Keep the doors and windows open so that the fumes are able to escape.

Apart from your body your furniture and fixtures also need to be protected when you are doing your epoxy floor. Before you start the work ensure that the room is completely empty. Every piece of furniture and fixture should be removed to another room. If there are some pieces that cannot be moved cover them with plastic sheets.

Very importantly, you should read all the instructions provided in the epoxy package. Do all the right things and avoid doing the wrong things. If required spend time on the internet and see what precautions should be taken when doing your epoxy floor. You will also get to see videos in YouTube.

These are some basic precautions while doing epoxy flooring. Follow these and you will stay safe while your epoxy floor gets ready in no time.

Many people enjoy doing epoxy flooring. While getting your epoxy floor done is a highly enjoyable experience you should be cautious about your personal safety.

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