Savouring on a chocolate cake is akin to a heavenly experience

Posted by adairsawyer on March 24th, 2014

Nothing can be more tempting than the experience of curling up on the couch and enjoying a freshly baked chocolate cake. It is simply difficult to resist the temptation of falling prey to this decadent dessert. The basic fact is that chocolates have for a very long time made a soft corner in the hearts of almost all and sundry. This has culminated in using these indulgent savouries while baking cakes. But if you thought the baking process is too arduous a task, you are highly mistaken. Take a pick from the several recipes and add your special touch to it. Alternatively, if a cream laden cake is not your forte, try your hand in a chocolate sponge cake. These are amazingly delicious and can make anyone go crazy for it.

 For people who lead an extremely hectic life or have to tend and support their family, baking as a process might take a lot of time altogether. But if seen carefully, it does not pose  a difficult job to enjoy cooking and managing an active family simultaneously. Many a times people prefer to order a special cake from the market without devising few quick turns and twists to recipes of cakes. Creating a chocolate cake is a totally different indulgent affair and makes for a  perfect family time. For all those who haven’t yet discovered the pleasure and sinfulness of it, it’s time you do.

Have you ever noticed that after eating a slice of chocolate flavoured cake you feel a certain sense of calm? This is because a chocolate in its basic form contains an enzyme called epicatechin, which is proven to be beneficial for one’s blood circulation. Not just that, the presence of the sinful chocolate in your cake will promote brain activity and offer you the essential comfort factor in times of stress and emotional turmoil. In fact, it has also been proven in studies that migraine patients experience a lot of relief when popping chocolates. And if topped with ice cream or some other sweets, fruits and nuts or even jellies, it is simply out of the world. At the same time, this holds true that chocolate cakes are the most flexible ones as you can eat it plain or add a little frosting and chocolate shavings.

Right from the 18th century since its inception, people have been hooked to this dessert and quite naturally there have been many varieties of the simple and traditional recipes derived from it. Nowadays perfecting and modifying the art of baking have caused chocolate flavoured cakes to include a bake-well flavour or even sticky toffee sponge ones. Those on a diet or diabetic patients should steer clear of milk chocolate and go for dark chocolate, semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolate flavours. Some are specially made with low sugar content or lesser calories. The egg-less chocolate sponge cake is a current rage among health conscious youngsters and strict vegetarians. With varieties galore, one is often spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the ideal one.

Irrespective of your preparation, a chocolate cake will always be special for all those who understand the wicked appeal of it.

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