The Process Of Prostate Seed Implants

Posted by CancerInformation on March 24th, 2014

Prostate cancer is a disease in which early diagnosis and quick treatment plays a major role in curing this type of cancer.  The treatments suggested for this condition depends on the stage of the cancer at the time of diagnosis and also on any other medical conditions of the patient. Once prostate cancer has been diagnosed, graded and staged, there are a number of options of treatment to consider. The doctor will determine the best treatment options for each case, it is always suggested to make an informed decision by asking as many questions as needed.. Among all the treatments for prostate cancer, prostate seed implants is a new technique which has shown great results.

The process

Prostate Seed Implantation is medically termed as Seed Brachytherapy, and this technique is considered as one of the best alternatives to surgery. At present, over 600 centers across the world offer prostate seed implantation treatment with a great rate of success. The process of brachytherapy or permanent seed implants is a minimally invasive procedure which leads to a short recovery time. It is often performed under mild general anesthesia as a single outpatient treatment. The procedure involves placing specially formulated radioactive seeds within the prostate, near the cancer cells. This process is accomplished via thin needles using ultrasound technology.

The seed placement is an important factor that affects the ultimate result of the treatment. It is carefully planned and properly mapped with the help of sophisticated software prior to the surgery. Seed implantation delivers maximum radiation to the cancerous cells as they are placed strategically, and, on the other hand, the healthy cells receive minimum radiation, reducing the risk of tissue or organ injury and side effects. The radioactive seeds which are implanted contain an outer cover of Titanium, which encapsulates the radioactive material. As the radioactive isotopes deliver the full dose of radioactivity to the cancerous cells, their growth is stopped and killed subsequently. Only isotopes with a short life span are used for the process.     

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