Use Google Maps To Advertise Your Garage Sale Effectively

Posted by greatgaragesales on March 25th, 2014

Having a garage sale is an effective way to clear the household clutter and earn some extra money at the same time. They are easy to plan and manage and can turn anything into handy piles of cash.

Tips to help you plan a garage sale:


  • Firstly identify the items for sale, check all the boxes that are lying in the attic, closet or even the garage, then take a walk through the house and identify things you don’t need any more.
  • It is now time to inventory each item on a sheet of paper: Most of us miss this, but this is a good way to keep track of the items and also the price as price tags tend to get lost somewhere in the sales process, a quick look at the list comes in handy.
  • Now review the inventory list and decide a price for each item, the general rule says, price 1/4th of what you paid or less. There can be exceptions for items that are relatively new, or valuable antiques. Attach a clear price label on each item.
  • It is now time to fix or decide a date for sale, a two day sale during the weekend sounds perfect.
  • Clean up the garage, the tidy the garage is the more chances of your items being sold. People feel comfortable stopping and browsing through the items if the place is tidy and attractive.
  • Make sure there is enough space for each item, and the arrangement does not look cluttered.
  • Make sure you have enough change and petty cash, it is evident you are going to make a change for a lot of people.
  • Keep the presentation visually attractive, as a customer the more attractive the item looks the more is the urge to purchase. Also, you want the sale to look more organised; not only for this time but also for all the future sales you might hold in the garage.
  • Clean the merchandise before sale, and check for breakage if any.

The most important task when organising a garage sale is to advertise the sale, Google map is one such advertising tool. There are companies that organise the sale, and they advertise your garage sale through Google maps that help the community to know where     you are. Get creative and give a name to the sale, go online and look for websites that help you organise a Garage sale.

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From the age of 7, she has been buying and selling second hand items and now Zoe Cuming has put her passions into running Great Garage Sales.  She brings with her relevant experience from the legal field especially negotiating skills and more recently she has learnt the importance of marketing to gain exposure and find buyers in the real estate industry.

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