Red Dirt Music: Its Roots and Impact in the Country Music Scene

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Oklahoma red dirt music, also referred to as Alternative Country or Outlaw Country, is a sub genre of Country Music. It’s definitely not mainstream country music. This is quite ironical since most country music lovers proudly associate red dirt with country music rather than what is being played on top 40 country radio today.

Generally, Red Dirt Music is a blend of Traditional Country, Blues and Classic Rock, Honky Tonk and some Mexican Influences. What is striking about Red Dirt Music is the total disregard for what the Nashville Major labels are promoting as modern country music. If you are dissatisfied with what radio stations are playing as country music, then you ought to be listening to red dirt. However, you need to beware that this music can sometimes be irreverent, politically twisted and some may come with language that is not appropriate for children.

Texas is the only state that has red dirt radio stations you could actually listen to in the company of your young ones. Besides this, you can also listen to this music from online radio stations.

While red dirt music has its roots in Stillwater Oklahoma, where the iron oxide in the soil gives it its red color feature, this music has found its home far away from home, in Texas. Over there, Independent bands and artists are free to free and authentic as they can without the restrictions that come with doing business with Major Recording Labels. This makes Red Dirt Music a favorite with most new country singer song-writers.

Red Dirt Music is a lot about the stories and lyrics. It is the ordinary working folk’s music. There is very limited emphasis on big production and more focus on the feel of the music. It is much like the traditional country music story telling with modern day themes. The music comes with a no holds barred approach. In other words, Red Dirt tells is like it is without any form of censorship whatsoever.

Some of the most common Red Dirt artists include:

  • Jackson Taylor and Los Sinners

  • Cross Canadian Ragweed

  • Scott Copeland

  • Mike McClure

  • Rich O’Toole

  • Robert Earl Keen

  • Jason Boland and the Stragglers

So, whether you are a passionate lover of country, Blues, Folk, Southern Rock or Bluegrass, or Texas live music, Oklahoma red dirt music definitely has something to offer just about everyone.

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