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Posted by alisonreid29 on March 25th, 2014

Booking someone to take care of Chicago party entertainment for your event can be a daunting task!  You want it to be fun for everyone, extra special and stay within your budget, so it could be really hard to find the perfect one, as there are many factors to take into consideration if you want to have a successful event. Usually, the more unique the Chicago party entertainment, the more people will enjoy the event and remember it.  For this to happen, you need to make sure that you do not hire the same entertainers that perform the same numbers over and over again, no matter the theme of the party. If you want to be original, you need to find someone who can guarantee an unique performance.

If you want to have top quality Chicago party entertainment at your event, Michael Kett is a really good option for you! Michael Kett is a professional event entertainer specializing in unique, interactive, and intimate entertainment for private parties and corporate events in the Chicago area. This Chicago party entertainment is ideal for cocktail hour or any type of social event, being the key to a pleasant atmosphere and a great evening! What makes Michael Kett the perfect man for such events is the fact that he is a specialist in lip print reading. He is one of six certified Lipsologists in the country. And in 2-3 minutes can analyze a lip print with razor sharp accuracy that will leave all guests speechless. Even though lip pring reading is a new appearance in the entertainment field, it is fun and appreciated by people of all ages!

What exactly is lip print reading? Lip print reading is the art of analyzing a person’s lip print, and comically deciphering the lipstick print with razor-sharp accuracy. No two lip prints are alike and there are over 25 categories and 100 subcategories which Michael Kett will interpret for your guests – making this a completely personal and memorable experience, regardless of gender. Why hiring the same entertainers that you can see at all parties, people that bring nothing new and could ruin the night, when you could get in touch with Michael Kett and get the best Chicago party entertainment for your special event? Michael Kett believes that the entertainment should be all about your guests and not about how talented or cool the performer is and provides personalized entertainment that is truly more enjoyable and memorable.

One of the best ways to ensure an active, engaged, and memorable party is to provide unique, fun, and personalized event entertainment.  And, according to Michael Kett, it doesn’t get any better than lip print reading! This Chicago party entertainment is idea for corporate events, private parties, as well as cocktail hour. This entertainer’s goal is to make you look like a super hero for hiring such novel and fun entertainment. The secret to his success is providing never-before-seen entertainment that is all about your guests rather than the entertainer. If you want to hire the best entertainer for your event, visit www.michaelkett.com and contact Michael Kett!

If you want to get the best Chicago party entertainment for your party, with numbers like lip print reading, make sure you visit the website www.michaelkett.com and get in touch with Michael Kett!

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