A custom form creator for iOS and Android to capture customer thoughts

Posted by AdrianRocker on March 25th, 2014

There are primarily two reasons why businesses capture their customer feedback. One reason is that they feel good when customers talk good about their products and services. The other reason is so that they are aware of all those things that they need to improve on as far as their customers are concerned. For the customers feedback forms are important because it gives them that notion of importance. And there are businesses that take their customer feedback very seriously, as they should. A custom form creator is an application that makes it very simple for any business to build feedback forms. The custom form builder is easy to use and a feedback and survey form could be prepared in a matter of minutes.

There is a common saying that angry customers don’t come back, they get back. However, it is commonly known that even the most dissatisfied customer can be placated with the right actions from a business. Even the most dissatisfied customer can be converted into a loyal customer by using the right intent. However, for all this any business needs data and you can capture all the data when you use a custom form creator.

As you start getting on with the custom form builder you will need to keep a few things in mind. This will help you design the form to give you the best insights.

1. How ready are you to accept negative criticism from your customers? Are you sure you can handle customers that are unnecessarily critical?
2. What is it that you want to know from your customers? Is it only quantitative inputs that you want or qualitative inputs too?
3. What is your business strategy around your customers? Your questions need to capture inputs regarding your customer strategies.
4. How do you plan to use the captured data? Will you outsource data analysis to an expert?
5. How soon are you going to work on the areas of improvement? Are you willing to take some hard steps if required?

Managing customers is one of the toughest jobs in the world. One customer may think that “Action X” from your business is fantastic but another customer may think that it doesn’t make sense. So, while it is easy to use a custom form creator and capture the thoughts from your customers it is much harder to implement the identified action areas. But then, you shouldn’t give up. Use a custom form builder and get started at least. After some data is captured you will automatically get into execution mode. This is assuming you are serious about your business.

The custom form builder is a mobile application that you can use in handheld devices. With the custom form creator you can create bespoke feedback and survey forms that you can ask your customers to fill in. The feedback can be taken at the point of sale so that you get fresh customer perspectives. The data captured at the POS is going to form the backbone of your future business plan.

A custom form creator allows you to create business feedback forms easily. With your custom form builder you can find out what your customers think of your business and then you can get on with making necessary changes.

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