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Posted by AdrianRocker on March 25th, 2014

Are you getting enough feedback from your customers? If you aren’t then there is a matter of concern here. Contrary to popular belief most dissatisfied customers don’t voice their opinions. They would go and talk to their friends and family members but not to you. If you are not hearing much from your customers you need to have in place a robust customer feedback system. Use a custom form creator to create feedback questionnaires and encourage your customers to share their likes and dislikes about your business.

Customer feedback is important for you because you can get to know about the positives and negatives of the way you deal with your customers. As an entrepreneur you sure know about the importance of customer service. Why do you think so many customers love Amazon, Marriott, Hilton and UPS? It is because these companies value their customers. These are the four top ranked customer service companies worldwide. Your business will take time to reach their levels but you should get started now. It is easy to use a custom form creator to create feedback questionnaires and reach out to your customers.

When your customers offer their feedback there are many ways you can use their inputs.

- Continue to do all the good things that you have been doing.
- Work on the areas of improvements that your customers mentioned about.
- Get in touch with your dissatisfied customers and take inputs from them. They are bound to be happy when you connect with them and you can convert them into happy and eventually loyal customers.
- Analyze customer inputs to find out any innovative ideas and implement those ideas. There are many businesses that have prospered because they implemented ideas put forth by their customers.
- Publish your customer feedback on your website (the positive ones of course) and create a better brand image for your business.

Using the form creator
Using a custom form creator to create feedback questionnaires is very easy. There is no coding required. Applications for iOS and Android devices are readily available for download and the moment the app gets installed you can get started with it. The app is highly user friendly and you will take all of 15 minutes or so to understand how to create your customer feedback form.

Customizing the form
Your custom form creator to create feedback questionnaires can be used for customization. You can add time and date, your company logo and the facestamp feature to make it authentic.

Using the data
Once some of your customers have given their input you can have the data analyzed. In fact the app is going to give you some reports to see and use. Once the data analysis is complete you can send it to the other senior members of your business using email or file sharing (Dropbox).

Get started with the custom form creator to create feedback questionnaires and you will see an immediate improvement in customer responses. The benefits are immense when you use the data properly.

Using a custom form creator to create feedback questionnaires is always going to help you deal with your customers better.

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