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Posted by AdrianRocker on March 25th, 2014

Are your employees paid on an hourly basis? If yes then it is extremely important that you are able to log in their work hours accurately. Some employees are trigger happy and one mistake from your side can suddenly get converted into a lawsuit. A custom form builder can be used to create a timesheet and this timesheet will always capture accurate data. Use an attendance register software application so that the entire transaction is paperless and every action can be tracked. This way your employees will be happy and you will be relieved with the knowledge that you paid accurately, not more and not less.

The concept of timesheet is age old. In the earlier days it was mandatory for every employee to punch in their entry and exit times so that they could be paid as per the number of hours of work they put in. Time cards were in use in factories and they are still in use. In this system every factory worker is required to punch in their time card into the bundy clock when they start and end their work for a day.

The cost advantages of a using timesheet are mainly three – 1. More efficient payroll processing; 2. Better cost management because all costs are visible and 3. Automatic invoicing and billing.

However, there are a couple of issues with using manual timesheets – 1. They can be manipulated (by the workers and the management for the respective benefits) and 2. There is a lot of resource and paper wastage. You would need an employee to sit an collate all the data.

Hence, getting an attendance register software application makes total sense. With this system in place it is possible to eliminate human intervention and thus, the errors. Moreover, you will not need a fulltime resource for calculating the salaries or wages payable. The system can do all the calculation automatically. And since there is no need for any paperwork involved here you get to contribute to the environment too. This is bound to feel nice. And all this can be done using a custom form builder.

Using a custom form builder is very easy because everything is built into it. You simply need to look at the components available and choose what you require. The attendance register software application allows you to create automatic timesheets for individual employees or groups of employees. You can add company logo, date and time and facestamp for authentication. And once the month is over you can simply export the file to the payroll team for processing the payment.

As of now the attendance register software is available for iOS and Android devices. You can download and install the custom form builder and get started immediately. Most of the features are available free of cost and if you want full functionality there is a small fee to pay. My recommendation is that you go ahead with the free download now and get used to the features. You will find it worthwhile to buy the full app.

Are you aware of the fact that you can use an automatic attendance register software application? A custom form builder for iOS and Android can be used for this purpose.

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