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Posted by elitekhandental on March 26th, 2014

Are you less than happy with your teeth? Perhaps you suffer from a certain degree of misalignment? You have crooked teeth or large gaps? Do you have overbites, under bites or perhaps even the dreaded cross bite? Does it cause you severe self confidence issues? If raising your hand to cover your mouth when you laugh, or dreading that same old catchphrase “cheese” when a camera phone appears at every opportunity sounds at all familiar, then Dr Khalid Khan and Dr Nadine Mears of Elite Khan Dentist Cheshire can help you.

Dr Khalid Khan, with over twenty five years experience, has always had an interest in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. With his wealth of experience and expertise, Elite Khan Dental now offer this amazing solution to unsightly teeth. Cfast Braces, often known as the six month smile, because that’s just how quick they work, were invented in 2009 by a Dr Krishnan of Dundee University. Developed to correct the issues with both the top and bottom teeth quickly and efficiently, it does just that. Using titanium nickel, along with orthodontic brackets, Cfast Braces Cheshire work quickly and efficiently at altering your teeth, guiding them into a better position. Using only the bare minimum of pressure on the teeth themselves, you then feel hardly any pain, or in some cases, not even the slightest discomfort.

Another wonderful quality of Cfast Braces is that they focus solely on the top six teeth and the bottom six teeth. These, predominantly, are the ones we see when someone smiles. And because they only focus on these twelve teeth, it means they can achieve wonderful results in an extremely short space of time.

For those feeling embarrassed at the thought of Braces in adulthood, you need not feel embarrassed a single second longer. Cfast Braces Cheshire use a titanium nickel wire, which is very thin, and also conveniently tooth coloured. So not only do they work wonders in usually a mere six months, but they are barely visible, causing hardly any interruption or embarrassment.

With countless celebrity clients leaving this private practice with beautiful smiles, its not difficult to see why people are flocking to Dr Khan and Dr Mears to get their super quick and super high quality fix. Why not make an appointment for your free consultation, where you can see numerous examples of Dr Khan’s amazing work, and discuss the amazing 0% finance option available now.

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