Property Styling in Sydney can Appeal to Buyers and Add Value to Your Home

Posted by Admin on March 28th, 2014

Whether you have a huge, old mansion or a small cottage property styling in Sydney can help you sell quickly and also get the best price. Interestingly, it is a simple fact that instead of reducing your listing price, just spend that amount on doing up your home minimally.

Some House Staging Facts

Property styling in Sydney is becoming a trend. Studies have shown that 94% staged homes are sold within a month or less. On the contrary, un-staged houses linger around for some time for two or more years. The better you present your house, the faster it is up for sale. It will appeal to a larger number of people. Another fact is that a well-styled home will fetch you 6.9% more than a home where the interiors are shabby. Moreover, the longer the house is in the market for sale, the lesser will you get when the sale finally takes place. Statistics reveal that 90% of buyers would like to see a house with furniture rather than a vacant one. A styled home will highlight the main portions of the dwelling whereas an empty house will bring to light its negative aspects.

Reasons for Home Styling

Experts who have a passion for interior decoration can be hired for property styling in Sydney. They can transform you house using decorative items such as elegant furniture, lighting, beautiful accessories and soft furnishings. They enhance it without spending much and make it look attractive and appealing. Home styling helps in enhancing the layout and features of the house and makes it look its best. Experts know how to make the interiors look more spacious; well-lit rooms with lots of ventilation will appeal to buyers. It is important to give buyers a good first impression; so, create impeccable interiors so that clients will love your home at their first visit.

Warning Signs for Styling

Here are a few signs to show that your home requires a better presentation. When your broker has shown your house to prospective buyers but none of them return. Another sign to show that you have to hire property styling in Sydney is when potential buyers quote a very low price. If your agent has given you hints about doing up your house, it’s a clear sign that you have to style your home for presentation. Often, buyers give their feedback to agents and not to the owner. Your house has been up for sale for about three months. This is a sign that it does not have an appealing look. If you haven’t renovated your home since 10 years, it shows that it’s time for styling.

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