Comparison of Possum Merino to other wools

Posted by JulyRed on March 28th, 2014

Thousands of products that are used as garments are currently available online. Some of the materials used to make these clothing include Possum Merino, bamboo, silk and polyester to mention just but a few. Earlier along, cashmere was the known soft clothing that could give optimum warmth, great looks as well as luxurious feel. What about the current trend? Possum fur is all what people currently want when it comes to luxurious clothing. It has got a great sense of warmth and as well you will experience a gorgeous outlook while in it. Possum Merino comes in the form of a blend of the possum wool and merino that is very fine. The latter is acquired from merino sheep while the former is gotten from the known possum animal that thrives in New Zealand.

Possum Merino has got very great warmth in the winter season and as well during the warm summer season when you may be experiencing some cold. All this is achieved due to the fact that the blend has got some pores that are hollow. These mentioned factors are responsible to the reason why cashmere was outdone by this possum wool. Actually as a matter of fact this wool has been proved to be 35% warmer that it’s counterpart cashmere giving it the advantage. Compared to the merino wool alone it is 50% warmer. Thus, in case you want to feel the sense of softness, warmth as well as cool condition of the possum, consider getting a garment made of this fur.

The best fur that can be compared to this kind of possum wool is the polar bear fur. The two are known by the fact that they do not freeze no matter how cold the situation is. They are actually so warm due to their hollow made structure. This makes Possum Merino the best insulating fiber just like the merino in the world; such that, with it you will have kept yourself toasty by trapping a lot of warmth.

Possum Merino will still keep you warm no matter how wet you become. The more you are in it the more it creates heat giving it the best value and sense. With this incredible feature you can guess why the possum wool product has got the highest preference currently in the market. It is actually very versatile as it also has got a very good function in warm weather due to its breathability.

Apart from being stretchy, the possum fibers are very resistant when it comes to breaking and thus when this is combined with the merino the end up fabric becomes, anti-static and pill-free. Possum Merino keeps its plush, making it to look new no matter how long it has stayed, with it you will always feel its fine texture and as a result helping it to have a long life. Simply, possum wool can be termed as durable. When it comes to its texture, this wool is 14% lighter compared to the merino wool alone. Its lightness can be compared to the silk wool.

The information concerning possum wool is very important. In addition, concerning possum merino you should understated how different they are from each other.

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