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Posted by JulyRed on March 28th, 2014

Talking of durability when it comes to natural fur takes us to the Possum Fur. The fibers alone are very stretchy giving it very good characteristic when it comes to breakage resistance. This fur is combined with merino wool to give a fine and soft blend of the possum merino wool that has been used in the making of variety of garments like possum wool jumpers. The fur comes from a New Zealand animal known as the possum. Although the animal is known to cause a lot of ecological damages its importance comes in this fur whereby, the fur has got an anti-static and pill free fabric. When you feel the blend by the hand or any other part of the body you will realize that it has a fine, plush feeling.  All these are the qualities that make it responsible for being such luxurious as it is.

What about when it comes to odor? Other types of wool are known to produce a very bad smell, specifically the smell of the responsible animal when they get damp. For the case of Possum Fur things are different due to the fact that they wink away the moisture and thus they don’t get damp. With this fact the wool can be said to be odor resistant. You can never imagine the comfort you will get from possum wool jumpers made of this wool or blend of this wool with the merino wool until you try one.

Possum Fur is very soft when it comes to its texture. When it comes into contact with your skin, unlike other types of wool you will never feel irritated or itched in any way. The fur is incredibly soft. This factor comes as a result of the fact that it has a very light weight as well as fabrics that comes from natural fiber. The hollow structure of the fur makes it even more comfortable during any season. In the summer you can be in these possum wool jumpers made of this wool and feel cold due to the fact that the wool insulates you from the warmth. Similarly during the winter season, this wool creates warmth making it to be very warm and thus comforting you from the cold weather.

It is very important to note the fact that there will be neither any environment nor ecological challenge by getting this Possum Fur. Thus, no threat is made whatsoever to the fauna and flora of New Zealand. This information is very resourceful more so due to the fact that some people might worry that wearing possum wool jumpers made of this fur is like supporting the unkind industries which might end up making the animal become extinct.

There is no natural predator in the country that thrives on this animal. This is as opposed to Australia. With this remark the animal has ended up giving unchecked breeding making them to multiply astronomically thus endangering the trees, birds eggs as well as chicks which are the main things that the animal thrives on. Thus, there is the order made to reduce this animal and as a result it is resourceful to get the valuable Possum Fur from it.  Try possum wool jumpers today.

You get interested to learn more on possum fur. The information regarding possum wool jumpers is important especially to those who are planning to buy new jumpers.

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