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Posted by adairsawyer on March 31st, 2014

Magnetic jewelry is becoming famous these days due to its impacts on health. Magnetic bracelets are small rings made of some magnet. They are used as therapy for pain in different parts of human body. They are assumed to be the best solution for osteoarthritis pain in hip or knee at the moment. Many patients wear it after surgery for relief from pain. Male s e x u a l problems are also cured using the magnetic bracelet. However, all these facts are still unproven and need to be testified by medical associations and medical boards.

Availability of these magnetic bracelets in the market is in different shape and forms. They are available in the form of simple rings and in the form of bracelet with some gemstones. They can be found as cuff bracelet and necklace also. They are used both by men and women. They can be fit in hands very easily as they are stretchable. The choice is of the patient how does he/she get satisfied. However, here one thing must be kept in mind that magnetic jewelry or bracelets must be avoided by the pregnant women or they can use it with the permission of their physicians.

The unit of measuring magnetic field is tesla. Magnets used for therapy are of higher strength with intensity of .2Tesla to 1Tesla and keep in mind it is far more than the intensity of the magnets used in refrigerators. Normally used magnets are of the range 0.1 to 0.2 tesla. Further, there are two types of bracelets i.e. weak group bracelets and strong magnetic bracelets. Both have different effects. There is a range of bracelets available in the market and their prices are also different. They range from 35 pounds to 50 pounds.

Beside their use as a cure for the pain, magnetic bracelets are also used for the treatment of aches of muscles, blood and cardiac system of human body. It is also used for turning the negativities like rage, fear and sorrow into positivity like firmness and patience. The use of magnetic therapy is believed to be used since many years to get rid of stress, anxiety and bring some positivity in life.

Actually, the magnetic bracelet consists of a magnetic disc rooted into the ring while contacting with the skin constantly. The magnet emits the radiations which lowers the pain. The reason for this relief is that the hemoglobin has oxygen which is diamagnetic. Facts that strengthen this theory are occurrence of natural magnetic fields within the body i.e. nervous system of human being, muscle withering and even our heart is a strong magnetic field producer.

However, doctors state that oxygen in the hemoglobin is too weakly diamagnetic to affect the blood circulation but as it has become a notable industry so its use is being done at a large scale. Jewelry of magnets is facing law and regulation issues as well because it stands with no proof. In USA, for example, it is banned to do advertisement of the magnetic bracelets.

The use of magnetic bracelets for pain relief has been continuously on the rise and it has turned out to be an effective pain relief method. If you are also suffering from body pains you must give magnetic bracelet a try.

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