How Magnetic Therapy Work?

Posted by adairsawyer on March 31st, 2014

American Cancer Society reports that magnetic therapy can be used for reducing the body pains as well as treating ailments in different body parts. According to the promoters, magnetic jewelry like bracelets, rings and different other magnetic items really work as specific tissues and cells in human body emit some particular electromagnetic impulses. When their flow is hampered by an injury or disease, the imbalance can be rectified through magnetic energy and health can be reestablished. This type of therapy is being introduced as an effective source of alleviating migraine headaches, improving circulation, repairing broken bones and even curing cancer.
In magnetic therapy finer metal magnets are used that are normally fixed on the necklaces or bracelets. Different time period is required for wearing these magnets and it actually depends on the specific ailment for which the therapy is being received. The treatment length can also vary from some hours to few weeks. According the ACS, most of magnets that are being sold out there are known as constant or static magnets as they have stationary magnetic field.

The magnetic therapy also makes use of bracelets having therapeutic value as they can possibly influence the blood flow in the arteries at the point of wrist. It’s believed that magnetism that is being emitted from bracelet is a source of increasing blood’s electrical conductivity and it also increases ions as well. The process of ionization is usually believed to be the source of improving blood flow efficiency.
Those who support these bracelets as well as other sorts of magnetic jewelry items are of the view that the magnets’ powers can result in speeding up the process of metabolism and can produce an atmosphere inside the body which is less acidic in nature. According to the supporters of this type of therapy have a belief that the cancer cells can’t live in the environment having low acid and, hence, the therapy can be a source of stopping tumors from spreading. The believers are also of the opinion that nerve impulses can be adjusted by the magnetic fields and they can also be the source of reducing fatty deposits at the walls of the arteries and can also change the process of thinking for boosting emotional well-being.

The magnetic jewelry, such as rings, can bring therapeutic benefits in conditions that are related with poor circulation in extremities such as numb or cold feet and hands. It is proposed by the magnet manufactures and scientific researchers that the magnets can be a source of increasing blood flow to the tissues and they can also increase temperature in the area being treated. However, the theory hasn’t been proved conclusively. In case numbness is experienced by you in the extremities then you must consult with the health care specialist and don’t stop the conventional treatment which you might be getting just for starting the magnetic treatment.
The magnetic therapy is proposed to be a good solution for conditions like wrist and finger pain like the discomfort which is resulted by arthritis.

Different magnetic jewelry items are believed to be helpful in treating certain medical conditions. The magnetic therapy is even believed by many to be an effective solution for cancer. However, you can try them for small medical problems like finger/wrist pain which is a result of arthritis.

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