Give a new look to your bike with motorcycle frames

Posted by gbracing on April 1st, 2014

Motorcycle frames give definition to the shape and overall look and feel of your bike. If you are planning to build a bike from scratch or from a custom bike kit, it will be a good idea to build your design concept around the motorcycle frame. There are many different styles of motorcycle frames available in the market and the choice depends on how you will be using your bike.

Measuring custom frames

When you are comparing frames you will understand that they are described in terms of ‘stretch’. The stretch of the down tubes is essentially the height of the custom frame compared to the stock frame. The stretch in the backbone on the other hand is the length of the custom frame in comparison with the stock model frame.

Sportster Style motorcycle frames

There are many varieties of styles in sportster motorcycle frames designed for a sportster engine. These frames are usually tougher than regular motorcycle frames because they have to withstand the weight and rumble of a heavy sportster engine. If you are planning to put oversized tires on the custom bike then you will have to choose a sportster motorcycle frame that has been built for larger tires.

Rolling chassis frames

These are essentially any type of swingarm, rigid or softail motorcycle frames which have a front and rear wheel assembly and a stretched backbone and front downtubes. These differ from the sportster softail frames because the latter have no stretch.

Rigid frames

Usually the rigid motorcycle frames can be described as the stretch frames with an upward angle. In most motorcycles both the wheels are connected to the frame of the motorcycle frame with the help of a suspension arrangement. However, in rigid frames the rear suspension is not used.

FRX frames

In case you want to build a racing bike or a dirt bike or you intend to use the bike on rugged terrain then you will require extra durability and extra suspension. In this case FRX frames would be the best choice.

The weight factor

Make sure that you keep the weight of the motorcycle frame in mind before you buy it. The smoothness of the ride on a custom bike depends largely on the weight of the motorcycle frame. Usually heavier frames make for smoother rides. However, for sports like drag racing a lighter frame will be a better option.

Motorcycle frames are practically the backbone of your bike. While you should choose all parts for your bike carefully, you will need to be extra careful with the motorcycle frame that you choose. Conduct a thorough research not only on the internet, but also by talking to avid bikers around you. If possible talk to a bike technician about the motorcycle frame best suited for your purpose. This is because it is the motorcycle frame that holds the bike together and you definitely want to choose a good quality, heavy duty frame even if you have to spend some time shopping around for it.

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