Important Home Safety Tips to Avert Life Threatening Dangers

Posted by nightwatchprotection on April 1st, 2014

Life is full of unexpected things - sometimes good and sometimes bad. We cannot predict when and where an unfortunate accident may strike, it is always good to be prepared. Knowing what to do and being adequately prepared can make the difference between life and death for you and your family. Here are some important life-saving tips, brought to you by Nightwatch Protection Inc, an authorized dealer of ADT security systems in New England. 

When you go out

When you go out for a day trip or a night out, let someone you trust know where you will be. It’s a simple thing but may prove to be extremely useful if something goes wrong.

Participate in neighborhood watch for home safety

Joining hands with your neighbors to discourage criminals from spending time on your block or street is something valuable you can do even if you have little to no self defense experience or knowledge. When criminals know they are being watched, they will be far more likely to move on and look for an easier target.

Get a home security system

Criminals not just pose a threat to your valuable things but your valuable life too. Taking extra precautions to deter criminals like getting an ADT Home Alarm systems can not only drastically reduce your risk of being robbed, but can preserve your safety as well.

Learn Self Defense

People never really know when they’d need to use it, but for certain unfortunate situations self-defense skills can be truly valuable. Having access to the proper self-defense techniques can help men, women, and children boost their confidence and chances of survival in less-than-ideal situations. 

Have an exit plan ready

Have you ever thought how would you save your life if you found yourself in an emergency situation like fire or flood? Have an exit plan ready, this could make important difference between life and death. If you have window grilles and bars, review fire safety; don't block bedroom windows with permanent grilles if the windows may be used for emergency egress. For better safety from fire, flood or smoke install ADT home security systems offered by Nightwatch Protection Inc, that not just deters burglars but also alerts you in case of fire, smoke, floods, etc.

Never trust strangers

When a stranger knocks on your door, never rush to open the door. Ask who they are and what they want. If possible have an intercom speaker that allows you to talk to the stranger at the door without opening the door. Never tell a stranger that you are alone at home.

Safety precautions are important especially if you are living alone. You may be self-sufficient, but being prepared can lower your risk of home invasion and save your valuable life. Prepare yourself by using the safety tips above and installing an ADT home security system offered by Nightwatch Protection Inc-the leading provider of ADT security alarms in New England.

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