Less Expense On Polyclonal Antibody Production

Posted by prosciinc on April 1st, 2014

Polyclonal antibodies are the most inexpensive biotechnology products that are being used widely in the medicine field all over the world. The polyclonal antibodies contain a mixture of immunoglobulins with different epitopes of a specific antigen. The polyclonal antibodies are prepared or they are extracted from farm animals like chicken, goats and also rabbits. Usually from the chicken eggs the serum is directly extracted and used for the polyclonal antibody production.

Commercial Polyclonal Antibody Production

The commercial research firms and antibody production houses prepare polyclonal antibody production services to their clients. Starting from antibody production that is monoclonal till polyclonal, these commercial firms offer affordable services to their clients ranging from pharma clients till hospitals and other research labs. Here we list the primary and secondary services of the commercial antibody research labs in the USA:

· Polyclonal antibody production using antigen provided by the clients. Polyclonal antibodies are a mixture of immunoglobulins that recognize different epitopes on a specific antigen. This will take a minimum to a maximum period of 8 weeks. This process contains systems such as pre-immune serum extraction, 4 immunizations using the given antigen and also production of bleeds based on the animals.

· Peptide synthesized antibody production. This process involves conjugation of the peptide to the carrier protein of the antibodies. The conjugated peptides are further used for verifying titers. Peptides are further conjugated into 15 residues in this process.

Customized antibody production. In case of special applications, customized polyclonal antibodies can also be developed in the scientifically hi-tech labs in the USA. To locate these antibody development, commercial labs online at affordable rates, visit the website of commercial research firms in the USA.

Locating the Best Commercial Antibody Firms

While looking for the commercial developers and sellers of polyclonal antibodies in the USA, look for certified and licensed firms online. The polyclonal antibody producing commercial firm should be USDA licensed and it should also be approved by the NIH approved animal facility. It is only with trusted certification process these firms become eligible to sell lives of having antibodies for treating a variety of human diseases.

One can locate the best polyclonal antibodies production online at the antibody firms and labs selling the online. To locate the best biotech firms it is ideal for you to first research for them online at the internet search engines. Look for trusted and certified antibody firms offering a wide range of customized antibody production services and research programs to their clients at affordable rates.

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ProSci Incorporated is the leading supplier of high performance antibodies to life scientists. They offer a wide range of antibodies, proteins, reagents and Custom Antibody Services, all made in the USA. In house US labs and animal facilities enables Prosci to manage quality from start to end.

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