Cyprus sailing charter: A Closer Look into Full Day and Sunset Sails

Posted by CesarMuler on April 1st, 2014

A Cyprus Sailing Charter can just be the difference between an ordinary and a great holiday. The clear blue sea is something that attracts every holiday enthusiast. This is the reason an increasing number of people are choosing Cyprus Sailing Holiday as a means for recreation.

There are many difficulties that arise while writing about holidays. One of these is penning down the experience of sailing in a yacht charter. Among the best experiences of sailing the sea in a yacht is the feeling of serenity that the pristine blue waters bring to the mind and soul. For one thing, there is no reason for the mind to worry about worldly issues once in the middle of the sea. The very fact that there is an entire world of living beings below the surface of water is tremendously exhilarating.

To capitalize people’s thirst for sailing the sea, many cruise companies have taken to providing professional yacht charter services. These companies are letting their patrons enjoy the sea in all its beauty from every possible angle. For this purpose, the best Cyprus Sailing Charter companies have several operational schedules. This also serves the purpose of suiting the needs and schedules of the tourists. Here are some of the most popular schedules and an insight on what they have on offer.

Full Day Sailing Schedule

In Cyprus, the diversity in beauty that the sea offers is simply too much to ignore. For this most sea-lovers prefer to spend the entire day on board relishing the beauty of the sea. A standard schedule would start with boarding the charter at 9:00 and setting sail about half an hour after that. For about two hours, the sail is generally confined to the coastlines, from where some great views of the city can be enjoyed.

Then the next couple of hours are spent in swimming and other sea activities. From there the sail proceeds towards an anchorage. The lunch generally happens here. Post lunch, there is generally an hour’s break for rest. Moving towards the end of the Cyprus sailing holiday, the sail turns towards the coast again.

Sunset Sailing

There is something in the setting Sun that connects directly with the soul. The setting of the Sun makes for a sheer treat to the eyes from any surface. However, watching the orbed fireball sink into the depth of the sea brings unmatched enigmatic delight to the soul. This phenomenon can be enjoyed all the more if viewed from mid-sea.

The sunset cruise yacht charter starts sail about an hour before scheduled sunset. From there the cruise moves towards the centre of the sea or some other favourable spot for anchorage. After reaching the spot, human actions cease to be important. The view almost indicates that Mother Nature has taken back control in her own hands. After the Sun virtually sinks to rest in the soothing depths, the sail heads back towards the port.   

The list of sail schedules does not stop here. Reputed Cyprus sailing charter companies also offer many other schedules like the half day and one hour quick sail.                          

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