Plastic Grocery Bag: Worthy choice for your grocery packing

Posted by AllmaJess on April 3rd, 2014

 It is not uncommon to find that a plastic grocery bag is gaining predominance all over the world. Though plastics in general have always been associated with negative environmental impacts and have caused tremendous concern among commoners, yet one cannot get over these carrier bags for their handy use and cheap rates. Most of the time, a single use bag is not the ideal choice for the immense waste it helps in generating and the threat it poses to the ecosystem. However, for grocery items, plastics are always the foremost choice.

Whether you visit a supermarket or a general store or even groceries and food stalls, a plastic grocery bag cannot be overlooked in spite of the general perception of it being environment unfriendly.

Keeping all the ecological flaws aside, let’s look at the list of benefits that these bags have in store for retailers, customers and surprisingly towards the environment.

-For retailers: For more than five decades, retailers have always been rendering strong support towards plastic bags. This is because they are cheap and convenient for using and storing. You can make bulk purchases and that too at a minimal rate. Compared to a paper bag which is pricey, these plastics score in terms of overhead cost benefits for stores as well. In addition to that, plastic bags can double up, pack in more items than their paper counterparts and can be opened with ease. Especially, for busy cashiers, opening a bag in an efficient way takes considerable time. Owing to their polythene material and lightweight capacity, plastics are fantastic in both storage and cashier stations. While heavier duty bags like a single use bag occupy a large space, these are suitable for multiple uses as reusable bags.

-For customers: Customers find a plastic grocery bag more convenient than a paper shopping bag.  For a consumer, there are primarily two benefits that can be had from using these bags-

First, the durability for plastic bags is much more. Tearing them is a tad difficult and items can be easily carried in them. Besides, they are a respite during the rainy days.

Second, they are reusable for a number of purposes. You see people packing and storing miscellaneous items using these bags. Against paper bags, the factor of longevity is much more in plastic bags.

-For the environment: This is a highly controversial zone for a plastic grocery bag is regarded as environmentally detrimental. Weighing the pros and cons, it has been seen that plastic bags weigh much less and hence contributes far less solid waste to landfills if not recycled. It can leave anybody shocked to know that manufacturing paper bags produces 50% more water pollution and 70% more air pollution than manufacturing of plastic bags are concerned. With these bags being used time and again, not only is one’s energy saved but also environmental hazards are curbed.

Finding a perfect alter to grocery bags made out of plastics is difficult. With time, many more advanced bag materials might surface but replacing these wonder bags is not really possible.

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