In-Vitro Monoclonal Antibody Production- An Important Tool In Vaccine Research

Posted by prosciinc on April 3rd, 2014

Normally in antibody research getting infinite amount of monoclonal antibodies is just not possible. With the invention of in-vitro monoclonal antibody production process, acquiring infinite quantities of monoclonal antibodies is made possible. This is why, the antibody research specialists prefer this method of antibody production widely over other methods of antibody production.

In-Vitro Monoclonal Antibody Production – InCrisp

In-vitro monoclonal antibody production is a widely preferred antibody production process by the commercial developers. In this method, the extraction of antibody from a resource can be increased 5-25 folds, thus with lower investment over antibody research and production, the researchers can enjoy maximum benefits. During an antibody production process, the polyclonal antibodies are available in higher quantity than the monoclonal counterparts.

The in-vitro process involves exclusive cell culture techniques to extract higher quantities of monoclonal antibodies from any source. In the in-vitro monoclonal antibody production method, each cell responds differently and the outcome differs from one cell to the other. The FBSserum that is otherwise known as the FBS can be adapted in four different cell passages instead of just one passage in regular monoclonal antibody research process.

Highlights of In-Vitro Methods:

· It is an inexpensive method of monoclonal antibody production.

· Only certified cell lines are used for the monoclonal antibody production using the in-vitro method.

· The cell lines that are not matching the quality criteria may get rejected from the lab.

· This cell culture method can be used for a variety of applications starting from medicinal research till clonal research.

· It is the fastest antibody production method that can be done within a shorter time span.

· The fluid volume in the final concentration of extracted monoclonal antibodies will be much higher.

Locate the Services Online

To avail the custom-production of in-vitro monoclonal antibodies in the US, you can locate the professional antibody creation labs. These professional antibody specialists develop and deliver monoclonal antibodies to their clients at affordable rates. Their services can be availed by visiting the official website of professional antibody development labs that specialize in creating in-vitro monoclonal antibodies. These monoclonal antibodies can be used for any type of antibody research.

The commercial suppliers of in-vitro monoclonal antibodies ensure safe and timely delivery of products to any desired destination of the world. These antibody servicing agencies also offer exclusive seasonal offers and discounts to their clients. Not only monoclonal antibody production, but the commercial antibody research experts also deals with other custom antibodies production.

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