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Posted by BobRothman on April 4th, 2014

Some things come naturally, and some things you have to be taught. If you think that gambling is just one of those things that come naturally, you are mistaken. You can learn to be a good gambler if you have a good teacher. Don’t look for any kind of gambling school. You will need to learn gambling from a professional gambler who knows all the secrets to gambling successfully.

Unfortunately, not all gamblers are open to sharing their secrets. Why would they? Many understandably want to keep their skill to themselves. However, when you have the opportunity to learn the industry from a professional gambler who has known a great deal of success, you should jump on that opportunity.

Bob Rothman happens to have been a very successful gambler. He has been betting for more than 20 years, and turned his passion for gambling into a profession that he has been able to support himself with. He was able to be successful as a gambler by using a proven methodology that has helped him to become one of the best. He was so successful as a gambler that bookies refused to take his bets because they were tired of paying him.

It’s no secret that Bob Rothman has been banned from placing bets in the industry himself, but he is willing to help those who want to learn how to become successful gamblers in the horse racing industry. If you want to learn from the very best, you have the opportunity to learn from Bob Rothman. He is offering the opportunity for a select number of people to learn how he picks the winners. Bob has a team of racing “spies” who report back all sorts of information ranging from market moves at the tracks to the results of pre-race tune up gallops. Together with his team they are able to provide insight into the industry that they know so much about to those who are tired of losing.

If you would like to talk with someone who understands what it feels like to pick winners, as well as what it feels like to want to stop picking losers, you can call Bob Rothman on 01932 869 400, or click here to visit his website.


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Bob Rothman is a professional gambler. Since his school days, he was found attracted to horse racing and always wanted to be a professional gambler. He created Horse Racing Tips Service and running it successfully. For him tipping is a lot different from betting. Bob Rothman has made a lot of profit in his career. His maximum tips for his client have been success and all of his clients are gaining a lot by his service.

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