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Posted by 24x7learning on April 4th, 2014

There was a time when organizational training was all about mass training employees. This posed a lot of problems: Companies had to wait until there was a sufficient number of employees to train; instructors had to be brought in – sometimes from different cities or countries; and the training was targeted at completing a particular module within a predetermined period of time - without taking into consideration individual needs, training success/failure, or if the organization benefitted from this training. This scenario was seen in almost every company, in every city, and in every country across the globe – and this was okay then.

Fast forward to the present – an age where employees are dispersed globally; information changes at the speed of light; there is greater stress on productivity;competition has increased; if you are not in peak form you could lose out, and all the other brouhaha that is associated with the corporate world. With all the confusion, turmoil, clambering for recognition and busy lifestyle, training inadvertently takes a back seat. The result is – tired, unproductive workers, less profits, and no growth.

But an online eLearning platform company today understands the crux of this negative situation – unprepared employees. And companies understand the need of the hour – superb training - training that:

• Is up-to-date
• Provides immediate information
• Will enhance productivity
• Available when required
• Caters to a globally dispersed workforce
• Helps companies grow
• Will teach learners new skills

All this and more can be achieved by learning management system  implementation. However, learning management system(LMS) implementation is not about installing any LMS. It is important to focus on an online eLearning platform company that caters to the organization’s individual needs. It’s important to mention here that it’s very easy for an organization to get lost in the myriad of features that are offered by the online eLearning platform company. However, companies should be clear about what they need and not complicate the training system with unwanted features that are on offer. There are more than 500 LMS service providers the world over. Choosing a best value LMS that caters to employees individual training needs for optimum success, is the need of the hour. A best value LMS is not one that merely provides a cheaper price. A best value LMS is one that is able to take care of employee needs, administration needs and technical issues as soon as they arise – which means, along with good performance, the online eLearning platform company should provide excellent technical support.

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