Several Benefits of Long Term Care Insurance

Posted by insurancesouthafrica on April 4th, 2014

The main purpose of long term care insurance is to save you and your family against long term illness. This type of insurance is especially useful if you have aging parents, or if you are at an advanced age. It is better to think about this option when you are still young because you may not be in the proper mental or physical state to ensure your rights at an advanced age and in the clutches of a serious long term illness. However, you need to understand what long term insurance is and the different kinds of policies available with insurance companies. This is necessary in order to ensure that you get proper coverage as per your requirement and wish. On average, a senior citizen stays in a nursing home about 19 months and this could mean a huge expense, especially if he or she is a resident of a major metropolitan city.

Some people may wonder why they need long term care insurance when they have health insurance. Well, it is because health insurance does not cover long term medical care and nursing home costs. There are several welfare programs which cover health related cares, but they will not provide insured long term care and will not address long term expenses. This could mean that if someone ends up in a situation where long term care is required, the individual or family may have to tap into their cash resources in order to pay for it. In most cases long term care insurance covers four basic areas – daily requirements such as bathing, rehabilitation training in a nursing home or at home, skilled nursing, dressing and eating and care for people with cognitive impairment.

You need to choose the coverage carefully. Some policies offer a choice between home care and nursing home care, while others cover both. There are some policies that cover a combination or care options including nursing home care, day care for adults, and assisted living. Some policies also allow a family member or friend to be paid in order to provide long term care for the individual at home. You also have the choice to determine the length of benefit period for which you will get the coverage from your policy. You can choose to get benefits for a limited period or for the rest of your life. Hence there are many options available as far as long term care insurance is concerned and you need to conduct a thorough research in order to determine the kind of policy you wish to buy.

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