Lengthy Divorce Battles Can Be Made Easier With Family Mediation Services

Posted by Surreymediationservice on April 4th, 2014

Mediation is the word used in the law and means alternative dispute resolution. It is a means to settle conflicts between the two parties with concrete effects. In this process, a third party mediator intervenes and helps the parties to confer a settlement.

It is often seen that two parties or two people try to resolve a dispute they are stuck in determining who is right and that’s the primary reason for divorce battles to end up in court. Family mediation services are a better way to settle the issue and arrive to a resolution. This service focuses on interests and not on rights. It focuses on desires, concerns and interests that underlie each side’s position. Mediation is a way forward and works for everyone, most importantly, it is faster, and cheaper. This service also provides some divorce and separation packages that help the couple avoid hefty legal charges.

· Some mediation service providers help the couples by stopping them by wasting thousand pounds on their legal fees to get nowhere.

· These service providers offer some different packages as bronze, silver and gold as per the client’s requirement. They are designed so that the couples can control how much is spent on their case.

· Family mediation services have specially designed services for the couples. So there are many advantages of mediation over the other strains of separation:

· Many mediators charge on an hourly basis and the mediation are completed in a few hours.

· The time is certainly less than civil litigation and thus does not disturb the routine of couple otherwise.

· The preparation family mediation service is easier and simpler than arbitration and civil litigation.

· Attorneys participate only on request.

· Since, the mediators are experienced, they know the issues and can assist parties in reality of positions and opinions.

· No court fees and associated disbursements.

· Mediation is a much faster process than litigation cases can take a few months to a year or longer to get a trial.

· In Mediation, the parties are relaxed and can express their own views and opinions.

· Mediation is also informal and can be scheduled by mutual agreement of both parties in the contract.

· It is also private and does not subject to public knowledge.

· It is also less depressing and intimidating than the litigation procedure.

All in all, family mediation services are much better than the normal divorce process. It is done by experts and unbiased mediator and hence both sides are happy. It is also less time consuming and helps the couples forgive and forget and hence move on in life. Go online to get more information on how Lengthy divorce battles can be made easier with family mediation services. Get assistance from these friendly mediation services and deliver thousands of unnecessary legal bills.

About the Surrey Mediation Service:
Surrey Mediation Service was founded in July 2010 and in March 2013 was absorbed into Mediate UK Ltd, a private limited company, specializing in various mediation services and registered in England. Surrey Mediation Service provides great value mediation service to all those people who are not eligible for legal aid, but could not afford to spend thousands on legal fees in their dispute.

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