Role of the Oklahoma City On The Job Injury Attorney

Posted by AxelPrice on April 4th, 2014

The Oklahoma City on the job injury attorney is most needed today as compared to any other time in the past. Most of these attorneys are kept on their toes every day, considering the growing number of work related accidents. The growing awareness among the workers in the state has also contributed to an increase in their workload. The role of the on the job injury lawyer OKC cannot be undermined at all. Once entrusted with a case, they perform everything ranging from filling out the legal paperwork to file the case to arguing the case in court if it goes on trial.

Though the primary role of the Oklahoma City on the job attorney is to fight your case in court, they will also assist you in filing for insurance claims. Availing their assistance to file claims results in faster approval and disbursal of funds by the insurance providers.

As the first step, the Oklahoma City on the job injury attorney liaises with the client to understand the case on hand. This is the phase where the worker has to disclose all the aspects pertaining to the accident without withholding any information. This will help the on the job injury lawyer assess the strength of the case and also plan the legal proceedings. Once the information has been obtained, the on the job injury lawyer OKC will fill out the necessary paperwork to file the case in court and send a legal notice to the employer. Once the employer or their legal team reverts to the notice, the lawyer will set up a meeting with them to check if an out-of-court settlement can be reached.

There are times when the opposing counsel will not agree to an out-of-court settlement and will seek a trial. Before going to trial, there are a number of tasks that the Oklahoma City on the job injury attorney has to do. First of all, the on the job injury lawyer OKC has to conduct a private investigation to learn more about the accident. The team of paralegals get to work and investigate various parties related to the matter. They gather the testimonies of eye witnesses to strengthen your case before it goes on trial. At this juncture again, the lawyer will seek an out-of-court settlement on your behalf revealing the proof unearthed. If the opposing party still does not want to settle the case, it goes on trial.

The Oklahoma City on the job injury attorney plays an active role in the jury selection process. Once the jury is selected, the on the job injury lawyer OKC presents your case to the court and the jury. Various witnesses are called upon to testify and the witnesses presented by the opposing counsel are cross-questioned. Finally, the closing arguments are presented and the jury is left to deliberate. If the jury rules in your favour, the case comes to an end. However, if the jury does not rule in your favour, then the lawyer files for an appeal in the higher court and continues to fight for your justice.

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