Why Men Experience Erectile Dysfunction Problem

Posted by Emily Rich on November 9th, 2020

It is a sexual disorder that men experience and can have a negative impact on their sex life.

Penile erection is a thing that is required for sexual intercourse with the woman. It is not only for having physical pleasures but a necessary element for discharging semen in the woman’s vagina so she can conceive and have a baby.

However, due to the erection failure, there could be no family expansion planning, and neither can you gain any physical pleasure. There can be multiple reasons for the erectile dysfunction issue, which you might not realize early.

These can be the underlying condition that highlights the other serious health issue that you might have been ignoring. Here are some of the reasons for your erectile dysfunction problem.


Depression is one of the main reasons why you are not able to have erections. Usually, sexual arousals start from the head and make it way down to the penile area for erection. Depression can reduce or suppress your sex drive, which can lastly result in erectile dysfunction issues.

Due to this reason, you may find it harder to gain an erection or might not able to gain an erection at all. Apart from that, the medications that use for depression treatment can also have a negative impact on your libido and penile erection, which can worsen erectile dysfunction issues. 


The alcohol can satisfy your taste buds but not your sex life. In fact, it can lead to erectile dysfunction issues that can hamper your intercourse capability. Drinking alcohol heavily can interfere with erections; however, the effects are temporary.

Hence, if you are planning to make love at night, it is better to avoid alcohol before that as its sedative effect can impair your erection capability.

Apart from that, shunning alcohol or drinking only in moderate quantity can help in keeping you healthy and prevent other health issues affecting you due to alcoholism.


If you are taking some medicines or drugs for some chronic issues, they can also affect your performance on the bed and cause ED problems. Medications that are related to the treatment of depression, pain, and blood pressure can have a negative effect on your erection.

Besides, street drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and amphetamines can also cause erection problems and other sexual issues in men.


The stress that you face in your daily life can also lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. We are generally overwhelmed by the responsibilities and other tasks at home and office. The stress also makes some hectic lifestyle changes that take a toll on our health.

The cortisol hormones that grow due stress has a negative impact on the arousal and libido that impairs the erection in men and causes erectile dysfunction problem.

Managing stress and opting for relaxation techniques can help overcome this issue and aid in attaining a hard penile erection for intercourse. Tadalafil (Generic Cialis) will help you to overcome erectile dysfunction issues.

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