Why Should You Use Car Wash Wall Panels Despite Several Other Panels?

Posted by Duramax PVC Panels on November 9th, 2020

If you want to have a long-lasting wall covering solution, there is no better alternative than lightweight PVC to date. This is not only a waterproof solution but also prevents peeling, mold, chemical damages to a great extent. The smooth surface ensures easy cleaning too.   

Among various wall covering solutions available in the market, FRP and polyvinyl are the two most popular types. But FRP is suitable for domestic applications, whereas, for industrial areas, PVC is the best option available till now because they are 100% water-resistant. In a car wash garage, plenty of water is used throughout the day. As a result, the walls of the garage peel off, get dull and weak. The environment becomes dirty, damp, and smelly.

The traditional FRP is not the right solution for the garage as it is water absorbent. Instead, you need specially designed car wash wall panels in the USA, which will protect the walls as well as keeps the area dry and clean. Some people prefer FRP because they are comparatively cheaper, but they don’t consider the hidden cost and the recurring investment every few years. All these together effectively become much more than the cost of PVC. FRP needs the support of a wooden backer, which is the main culprit behind water absorption. Again ample glue is required to stick them together. On the whole, the installation process becomes lengthy. This again gives rise to the labor cost.

On the other hand, plastic panels don’t need backer, hence no glue. Consequently, installation becomes quicker and easier, which means lower cost for labor.  

Plastic panels are the most suited option as they themselves don’t absorb moisture. And being nonporous, don’t allow a single drop of water to pass through and reach the wall. Car wash centers are filled with water, soap, oils, and other automotive lubricants; it‘s a natural phenomenon. FRP will get damaged quickly as the backer will soak water, and this will eventually damage the walls too. Not only that, the area will become filthy with dirt, oils and will encourage the growth of germs. Therefore, you need to replace the panels and repair the walls frequently.

But garage wall panels are long term solution. They will not be affected by water, and its efficacy will not deteriorate for several years. Once you install it, no need to worry for many years. If you use a vinyl wall solution, it indicates you are investing in the future of your car wash point.

Waterproof garage wall panels in the USA are chemical resistant too. Different liquids and cleaning agents are used in the garages. The PVC panels are produced, keeping this in mind; none of them can cause any damage to the wall cover.

The light reflective property of plastic panels is ideal, especially for the car wash centers that don’t have adequate natural sunlight. The use of artificial lights can be reduced significantly if you use vinyl wall panels. This is a worthy replacement of the old FRP for the garage owners. They will be able to save a large sum of money in the long run. Because the installation cost is effectively lesser than FRP and you don’t need to keep aside any amount for paying the recurring cost at every few years interval.

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