Go Deep Into Moncler and Alyx's Next-Level Collab

Posted by ubdjkasd on November 9th, 2020

From a distance, flashy skiwear brand Moncler’s latest partnership under its collaborative Genius label—with Matthew Williams’s tech-y, high fashion 1017 Alyx 9SM—seems an unlikely fit. What do candy-colored alpine puffers have in common with dystopian chest rigs? But from the moment the two first showed off their collection, cheap moncler jackets  last February in Milan, it was clear that the two labels were in fact perfect for each other: Williams is a technical innovator, and a sustainability trailblazer. Basically, he’s an urban-studies major in a fashion designer’s body. Who better to put a spin on cold-weather jackets that have turned into off-slope status symbols?

“I was really just trying to merge the DNA of Moncler and the DNA of Alyx,” Williams tells me over the phone from Milan, where the collection launched earlier this week. “And to look at things that we do well, that they maybe fake moncler women jackets  haven't experimented with before.” Which, well: ever since the collection first appeared, it was pretty clear that Williams had managed that merger successfully. “It feels good,” he said. “It's real now! It's great to see people wearing it, and to see the Genius store full of all these pieces that we all worked so hard on.”

Given his penchant for all things technical, we asked the designer to break down a few of the gnarliest, only-possible-in-a-Moncler factory details from the new collection.

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