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Posted by true couriers on November 9th, 2020

It ensures speedy delivery to the destination and is priced accordingly. A local courier delivery company may have multiple transportation systems to ensure timely delivery and adopting flexible solutions to the challenges.

On the other hand, direct freight shipping involves transportation of huge shipments that are transported within the country or internationally through various modes of transportation such as sea, air or land.  Here, the packages are loaded in large-sized containers and delivered using single or various modes of transportation to reach at its destination by the direct freight shipping specialists.


Speed: We all are well versed with the fast track delivery of local courier services. A business that requires speedy delivery of parcels and important document rely on local courier delivery.  The Courier company plans its network in such a manner that the courier is picked-up and delivered fast to its destination.


Pick up and delivery time: The local courier delivery company can schedule pick-up and delivery as per the preference of the customers. As such, there is a pre-determined estimated time of pick up, delivery route and delivery.

 Security: Local courier delivery is safe and secure to send your important documents and parcels within the limited area.  You will be free from the hassle of parcel getting lost or damaged. The parcel is delivered safely to its destination, being the responsibility of courier company.

 Real-Time Tracking: The courier services enables the user to check real-time tracking of their courier through advanced apps, phones and websites.  You can track where the courier is lying at present, whether it is in the warehouse or transit or if it has reached to its destination.


Direct freight shipping specialists are involved is large in size package and more than 150 pounds in weight which is sent via various modes of transportation involving truck, rail and air. Some of the benefits of direct freight shipping are :

 Safety and security:  The direct freight shipping is a safe, reliable and secure method of packages whether domestically or internationally. The direct freight shipping specialists ensure that the goods are properly packed and are not damaged during transportation.

Cheaper:  It is a cheaper method of sending packages throughout the world. Imagine the cost involve if you have to send it on your own by air or rail and the cost of insurance etc.

 Insurance: Direct freight shipping ensures that the packages are fully insured for any theft, loss, fire or natural calamity. So the goods are reached at their destination in time safely. Besides, in case of any loss or damage, the insurer can be compensated.


Easy to track: The online tracking system, apps and website ensures the customers can check out where the package is moving since it is picked-up.

Special handling: Some packages need special handling, like refrigeration, handling with care, sensitive items, or those havinghazardous materials. Direct freight shipping ensures that such things are being handled carefully by avoiding any spillage, damage, breakage etc. will incur additional fees and charges.  

Methods of Direct Freight Shipping: Freight shipping methods generally involve full truckload (FTL), less-than-truckload (LTL), partial truckload (PTL), intermodal, and expedited delivery.

When you require local courier delivery service and direct freight shipping specialist company for your business or for personal use, then contact only the most reliable courier and freight company. It is important to understand the services being offered and the security of your courier or package when it is reaching the destination.

Some of the businesses such as e-commerce, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, technology, retail, supply chain etc. rely on local courier delivery service and direct freight shipping specialist companies for their business to deliver their products faster and in a secured manner. At the same time, the urgency of delivery can be fulfilled and the customer does not have to worry about the time as well as the insurance of the product.

True Couriers is a local courier delivery service and direct freight shipping specialist company that can deliver your packages and parcels within the US and beyond. Whether it is about speed or reliability, True Courier provides unmatched satisfaction to their customers. One can call or email them for the delivery of package or parcel and expect for pick up and delivery at the scheduled time.

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