The Importance of Studying Procurement Management

Posted by CTS College on November 9th, 2020

The process of searching for and obtaining goods and services for an organization from external sources usually through competitive bidding or tenders is known as Procurement Management. A certificate in Procurement Management is a good qualification to have under your belt if you are already working in the supply chain field and want to add to your competencies.

Almost all companies worldwide have a procurement department as it is essential for their business. An organization that has an effective procurement management system will benefit from increased control over spending. Therefore, there is a definite market demand for procurement specialists who are constantly upgrading their skills with the latest techniques and information available.

Why invest in a certificate course?

If you are considering taking a course in Procurement Management, it is advantageous to do it from a reputed institution as a certificate in Procurement Management holds more weight when applying for jobs and will be preferred by employers over non-certified applicants. If you live in Trinidad and Tobago, look for an ACTT recognized and CIPS approved institution to register for your course.

A certificate in the Procurement Management course is especially designed for employees working as a Purchasing Executive, Procurement Specialist, Supply Chain Analyst, Logistics and Inventory Planner and other similar job titles. It is also a valuable tool for those looking to move vertically in an organization from a junior to a middle management role in procurement.

The course equips learners with significant knowledge and skills that are relevant to handling a supervising procurement role in an organization. Purchasing principles, risk and data analysis and negotiation tactics are the key areas of focus in the certification program.

Eligibility for a certificate program

There is no entry requirement for the Advanced Certificate in Procurement Management. This makes it ideal for persons seeking to start a career in Procurement and Supply. Successful completion of the core modules and required credits for the program entitles the learner to be awarded an Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations. Each module has a fixed number of credits attached to it. Candidates are assessed via Objective Response assessment. The modules taught under procurement management include Procurement and Supply Environments, Ethical Procurement and Supply, Contract Administration, Team Dynamics and Change and one other elective unit.

Do register with CTS College today and start your journey to become a certified Procurement Management Specialist.

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