Plant A Tree, Get Oxygen Free: Reasons To Plant More Trees

Posted by TreeWorld Wholesale on November 9th, 2020

From the exquisite willow to the mighty oak, trees are highly overlooked. The world is spending too much time looking down and not many people are looking up. Not just oxygen but trees are awesome for providing us so many other things as well. And this is why we all need to protect them and plant more quality palms in South Florida.

If you aren’t aware of how beneficial trees are for our planet, we will walk you through some of the many benefits provided by them.

1.They clean our air

Along with carbon dioxide, trees soak up many other toxins and pollutants from the emitted by our everyday activities. This is more necessary than ever, considering the rising amount of air pollution especially in urban areas. Although all trees soak these things, the most successful ones are those that are suitable for their location.

2.They keep things cool

Along with absorbing water, trees also release it in the form of water vapour through the process of evapotranspiration from their leaves. This process in turn produces a cooling effect. Trees also provide shade for all sorts of grounds, parks and buildings, which further helps in more cooling and reduces the excessive usage of energy. The overall cooling effect provided by one mature tree is equal to 10 AC’s running for 20 hours per day. This cooling helps reduce the urban heat island effect.

3.Urban trees are getting old

You should be thankful to your ancestors for most of the trees that you see in cities. Most of these trees were planted more than 100 years ago that you are enjoying today. However, these trees are now ageing and coming to the end of their life cycles. The main issue today is that it takes a very long time for a tree to reach maturity, the stage where it offers us maximum levels of benefits. If we don’t start planting more trees now, we may soon have to wait for a long time until we can have more iconic, beautiful trees that replace the population of the ageing tree population.

Trees have always been a very special and crucial part of the landscape of nature, right from the time when humans evolved on Earth. They are habitats of many birds and offer a lot of essential to humans. Both humans and animals have deep desires to be around them even when they are not well aware of it.

Take some time to think about how our cities would be like if we were not able to enjoy greenery as we walked down the street? So plant more native trees in South Florida and make the grays look greener.

Author’s Bio – The author is a blogger. This article is about native trees in South Florida

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