Healing After Loss: How to Deal With Your Grief

Posted by kazi asif mahmud on November 9th, 2020

Are you trying to heal after a loss of a loved one?  Are you ridden with pain and sadness?

Nothing hurts more than losing a loved one. Since the day the news broke about their passing, you felt a deep sadness that’s unexplainable. When the funeral service is over, and you have to return home, you might feel too depressed.

Coping with your profound loss and grief is an intensely personal experience. It feels like no comfort words from anyone who was at the funeral service will be able to console you.

There are a few necessary steps you can follow that will help you work through this heart-aching time. Follow these steps to start the process of overcoming the death of a loved one.

STEP 1: Feel Your Emotions

At the funeral service, you might have felt emotions of extreme agony, feelings that you’ve never felt before. These emotions can be too overwhelming, especially if they’re new.

You must realize that your feelings are valid. Feeling extreme pain when losing someone to death is expected. Don’t try to push these intense feelings aside; instead, acknowledge them and feel what your body wants you to.

Pushing them aside can only cause the grieving process to extend and cause major mental illness in the future.

STEP 2: Find a Friend

Even if you feel like you want to be left alone, you must have someone who will support you. If you don’t feel close enough to friends or family, join a support group that’s going through the same loss as you.

Losing your loved one will leave a significant gap in your life. You have to find a supportive group of people who can fill that space, at least for a while.

Seeing a therapist is also a good idea to help you talk about your feelings.

STEP 3: Go Through the Grieving Process

Allow yourself the chance to go through all stages of the grieving process thoroughly. There’s no way that you can overcome losing someone in a few weeks or even months.

According to licensed therapists, there are five stages in the grieving process: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

It’s up to you how long you stay in each of these stages as long as you work through each step in a healthy way and work towards accepting fate.

STEP 4: Living Your Life

It might feel like you’ve stopped embracing life after the funeral service, but after you’ve grieved, you must continue living. Find and do things that bring joy to your heart.

Embrace life again and continuing being happy and content.

Even though there isn’t one recipe for overcoming someone dear's death, you must be actively busy to try and cope with the loss. Seek professional help when you feel overwhelmed or unsupported. Going through the process is necessary for your mental well-being.

STEP 5: Turn To Crystals

For centuries, people have been using crystals to overcome the loss of loved ones or overcoming grief.  Depending on the crystal, they can help you accept the inevitable, allow the tears to flow, enable you to make the discovery of what made you happy before, or assist in talking to others.  This guide covers seven crystals to help you overcome grief. There is no time frame for overcoming a loved one's loss, so adding crystals around the house or to your daily routine will help you long term.

Finally, you need to be aware of clinical depression after healing after loss.  If you wish you had died with your loved one, disconnected from others for more than a few weeks, or unable to perform your normal daily activities, then speak to a mental health professional today. Treatment is available so you can start to feel better sooner.

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